Walnut Grove RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Walnut Grove RV Park?

Walnut Grove RV Park

10218 Johnson Drive

Merriam, KS 66203

Office: 913-262-3023

The Walnut Grove RV Park is located in Merriam, Kansas. Although the park itself is small, the heart of the town is big. Its central location makes all the surrounding entertainment, activities, and outdoor adventures easily accessible and convenient.

How Big is Walnut Grove RV Park?

Walnut Grove RV Park is big enough to fit 50 rigs of all sizes. The RV park is small but prides itself on offering the best amenities to make for the most comfortable stay. The central location in Merriam is one of the highlights of staying at Walnut Grove. It is right off I-35, which is close to Downtown, Westport, and all the excitement in Kansas City.

Walnut Grove RV Park Weather

The weather at Walnut Grove RV Park can vary drastically between the seasons. Taking note of your comfort level in the cold is important when planning a visit during the winter months. The summer season temperatures take place between late May and mid-September. During this span of a little over 3 months, the average daily temperature remains around 80 degrees. The hottest month of the year is July. The cold weather begins at the end of November and will last through the end of February. The average temperature during these months will dip below 50 degrees. The coldest month is January.

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When was Walnut Grove RV Park established?

No information available

Things to do at Walnut Grove RV Park

Walnut Grove RV Park is in the perfect, central location for all the special events and excitement happening downtown and in Kansas City. Depending on the time of year, there are indoor and outdoor activities that will suit the preferences of all visitors.

National WWI Museum and Memorial

Following the first World War, Kansas City leaders created the Liberty Memorial Association to create a lasting tribute to the women and men who served in the war. The citizens of Kansas City raised more than 2.5 million in only 10 days back in 1919 to bring this museum and memorial to life. The memorial is dedicated to understanding, interpreting, and remembering WWI.

The National Negro

This is the world’s only museum dedicated to celebrating and preserving the vast history of African American baseball and the great impact and advancement of America. This non-profit was established in 1990 and sits in the Vine Jazz District in the heart of Kansas City.

going to a college basketball game in the area

NCAA Basketball Experience

Evans Orchard and Cider Mill is a 5th generation family farm and a welcoming place for everyone. They focus on providing family entertainment and growing the freshest and healthy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. The creamy homemade fudge is an all-around favorite. Not to mention, the petting zoo for the kids.

Isle of Capri

The place in Kansas City is known by those who love to play and gamble. The strip of casinos offers an array of entertainment. There are 1100 slots and 22 gaming tables. Not to mention a few top-notch restaurants to complete an experience.

Werner Park

A simple, but beautiful park. Werner Park is a community park surrounding Turkey Creek. The park is connected to the local Farmers' market by a bridge, allowing the park goers to get a taste of the local goods. There are trails and an asphalt path surrounding the park that travels along the creek making for a great place to walk and get some fresh air.

walking on a fall day at Antioch Park

Antioch Park

The oldest, yet most popular park, bringing in over 700,000 visitors each year. The land was purchased in 1956 and was opened for visitation in 1958. The park is 44-acres and is home to fishing lakes, walking paths, picnic pavilions, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.

Blue River Parkway and Minor Park

Blue River Parkway has more than 12 miles of trails that hug the Blue River. The beginning of the trails are near the Red Bridge Road and travel north toward Martin City. This specific trail is just over 5 miles that welcomes all skill levels. Surrounded by nature and the colors of the wildflowers, it is one of the more popular trails of the area.

Sunflower Nature Park

The Sunflower Nature Park was developed in 1984 and quickly became a relaxing, refreshing location for visitors and locals to be surrounded by nature and fresh air. With a total of 57-acres, the park features a one-mile loop trail for walking and running. The area is great for picnics, fishing, and playing ball.

Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City’s go-to amusement park. The 235-acre park opened in 1973 and offers access to a water park that is directly adjacent to Worlds of Fun. The park features themed holiday visits during Halloween and Christmas, that makes for amazing memories for the entire family.

Kansas zoo city

Kansas City Zoo

202-acres of more than 1,300 animals to discover. The Kansas City Zoo is 202-acres and offers educational opportunities and entertainment for the entire family. It’s best to plan ahead and reserve your time to go.

When to go to Walnut Grove RV Park

Due to the size of Walnut Grove RV Park and its central location to many desirable places, it tends to fill up very quickly. Especially, when there are special events and conventions taking place downtown and around Kansas City. Planning and reserving a spot in advance during the busy summer months is recommended. The best time to visit for outdoor activities is from late May to late September. The height of tourism takes place in August.

Must-Have things for Walnut Grove RV Park

Coming prepared to a new place is important. Knowing the area of Walnut Grove RV Park, the temperatures can be drastic depending on the month, so the more prepared and self-sufficient, the better. Despite the available amenities and service options available surrounding the RV park, here are some things you want to be sure to have.


Have plenty of water. Bring a couple of extra jugs than you normally would just to be safe. More is always better.


Preparing for travel calls for proper food and snack packing. Trail mixes, bars, and other easy packing snacks are great options.

Kitchen utensils

Bring everything you will use daily to cook at home if you decide not to use the food options within walking distance of the RV site. (Ex. Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, paper towels, wipes, knives. etc.)

Maps in physical and on phone

Being sure you know how to navigate throughout the surrounding areas. Another precaution to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

walnut grove camping supplies

Tool Kit

Things happen and it is best to be prepared with all the tool necessities. Bring Allen or hex wrenches. Bring duct tape. Bring scissors. Bring rubber bands and zip ties. Bring plenty of towels you can use as noise buffers. Prepare and anticipate. 

Proper attire

Pack for the time of year you will be visiting but come prepared with waterproof gear too. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and proper clothing for cooler night temperatures. A backpack meant for hiking will be a great idea if you plan on spending the full day on your feet.


With all the wildlife and vast landscapes to view, getting a zoom-in view can always enhance the experience.

Portable Lights

Flashlight, Headlamps, Lantern.

Extra fuel/oils

Bringing a tank of gas and extra motor oil and transmission fluid will ensure that in case of an emergency, you will be set to get to the next best location.


Bringing your toilet paper and everything to make you comfortable using the RV toilet for your trip. This is important.

Walnut Grove RV Park Details

Walnut Grove RV Park is the best location to park, especially when there are special events and conventions going on in the city. They tend to fill up quickly with only 50 sites to offer. The park offers free wifi and coffee every morning, which is a highlight to many visitors. The sites are all full hookups with 20, 30, and 50 Amp available. The bathrooms and showers are kept pristine and clean on a daily basis. In case anything important was forgotten, there is a general and RV store on site. However, there are many grocery stores nearby. Pets are welcomed and encouraged travel companions by the friendly staff at Walnut Grove RV Park.

Food Nearby Walnut Grove RV Park

On top of the basic grocery stores near the RV Park, there are some great places to eat out. A few of the top local favorites include Anita’s Cuisine, El Pugarcito, and Pegah’s Family Restaurant. There are also several surrounding fast-food chains and gas stations for snacks and food on the go.

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Airports near Walnut Grove RV Park

The closest international airport to Walnut Grove RV Park in Kansas City International Airport. It is about 19 miles away from the RV Park. The next two closest regional airports are Manhattan Regional Airport (106 miles away) and Joplin Regional Airport (130 miles away).

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