Iron Horse RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Iron Horse RV Park

3400 East Idaho Street Elko, NV 89801

Iron Horse RV Park sits alongside Highway 80 in the Northeastern section of the state of Nevada. The park is just around a four hour and twelve-minute drive from the city of Reno, and visitors that want to hit Las Vegas before their stay can expect a drive anywhere between six hours and twenty-seven minutes up to a lengthy seven-hour trip. Visitors can drive from Salt Lake City Utah and have a shorter drive that lasts about three hours and eighteen minutes.

red rock canyon on your way to the rv park

How Big is Iron Horse RV Park

Iron Horse RV Park is a moderately large RV park that provides visitors with ample amounts of spots to park their RV’s in. While I could not figure out a solid acreage of the establishment, the park offers a maximum of 92 RV sites, each are wide enough for most RV’s and come with full 30/50-amp hookups. There are around 11 cabins that are available to visitors that want a different lodging experience while still being able to take advantage of the park’s many amenities.

Iron Horse RV Park Weather

The part of Nevada that Iron Horse RV Park sits on experiences a varied amount of weather throughout the year. The summers are normally very hot and clear during the peak months, while by the time winter rounds the corner the temperatures plummet and the weather becomes cloudier. No matter the time of year however the weather is always dry with humidity constantly low. The coldest time of the year lasts just over three months, with the coldest time typically being in the beginning of January, despite the temperatures being able to be very low it rarely ever snows any significant amount. The hot season has a three-month duration with the temperatures peaking mid-July and can reach up over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

on the road in a RV to Iron Horse RV Park

Things to do in Iron Horse RV Park

Though the town that Iron Horse RV Park is located in is rather small there are still plenty of things for visitors to do both within the park, and without.


For visitors to Iron Horse RV Park that want to take a break from walking, sitting, or even laying on the hard ground, the park has several options for you to take a load off and enjoy a good soak. The park has an outdoor pool and jacuzzi open to visitors, but the park is also adjacent to the RV park sits the Shutters Hotel Elko, which offers amenities, like the indoor pool, to the visitors of Iron Horse park during their stay. This gives visitors the option to swim all year round no matter the weather.

Visit the Dog Park

The folks that designed and run Iron Horse RV Park understand that its visitors will want to bring along their four-legged best friends and have built a dog park that will allow you to keep your pooch occupied and exercised for the duration of your stay at the park.

dog walks into tent at rv park in Nevada

Visit the Playground

If you are bringing children to Iron Horse RV Park it may seem like it will be hard to give them the space to safely play and spend time outside of the RV. The onsite playground provides a safe and comfortable place for your children to play.


Iron Horse RV Park is located near a lot of unique and beautiful landscape features of Northern Nevada. Because of the relative hostility of the land in the surrounding areas, there are many areas that have been dedicated solely for visitors to come and recreate on, some of the most popular hiking trails are Ruby Crest Recreation Trail and the Humboldt Area River Project.

Attend Cowboy Poetry

Iron Horse RV Park sits in the town of Elko Nevada, which each year holds the annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. For thirty-six years people have gathered to share their handcrafted poems and storytelling experiences of the western ranching lifestyle.

When to go to Iron Horse RV Park

Because of the mild nature of the precipitation in the area surrounding Iron Horse RV Park, visitors will find that they can plan a trip to the RV park virtually all year round as long as they are willing to weather the less comfortable temperatures in the off season. The warmer months, even into the summer, offer the most activities and the most comfortable living conditions to visitors that want to travel during the peak traveling season. The winters may have cold temperatures but the weather itself may be mild enough to stay at the park and take advantage of the smaller tourist numbers. Visiting in the shoulder seasons of early spring and late fall can be very beneficial to your budget and experience to the park.

Must-Have things to bring to Iron Horse RV Park

Though Iron Horse RV Park is a sizable park with many amenities nearby as well as many places to get supplies, the following list briefly outlines some items that visitors may want to bring to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay at the park.

Functioning and comfortable RV

Iron Horse RV Park offers a plethora of RV spots that can accommodate even large RV’s, visitors should ensure that the RV they do end up bringing is in good condition to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the park.

Weather appropriate clothing

While during most of your stay at Iron Horse RV Park will more than likely be inside an RV and out of the elements, visitors should bring clothing that will help keep them comfortable and dry in the event of any less than desirable weather hits the park.

camping in the rv park cooking dinner


While there are nearby restaurants that visitors to Iron Horse RV Park  can eat at, visitors to the park are allowed to bring food with you during your stay. Visitors should always be sure to bring enough food for the amount of people in their party and make them last for the entire duration of their stay.

Bringing water for a hike at Iron Horse RV Park


There are places near Iron Horse RV Park that you can buy water at, but to save on money and to ensure that there will be enough water for their party and the length of their stay, visitors should bring their own supply.


Many RV functions, such as simply driving the vehicle, require fuel. While there are areas around Iron Horse RV Park that have fuel for purchase, it is advisable to bring your own supply in the event of an emergency that would leave you stranded in the park.


Iron Horse RV Park is a great place for family functions such as family reunions and yearly get togethers. Because of the countless memories that visitors are bound to make with the ones they love during their stay, they should bring a quality enough camera and photography supplies to capture those memories and keep them for years to come.

first aid kit while camping

First Aid Kit

While Iron Horse RV Park stands as a relatively safe place for visitors, accidents sometimes happen. Whether there's a small fall or a sinister injury, a high quality first aid kit is a very necessary and helpful thing to bring along with you that can help keep you and your party safe during your trip to the park.

Where to stay in Iron Horse RV Park

Iron Horse RV Park offers a large number of sites to park your RV in that will accommodate many larger models that are available, as well as spacious and comfortable cabins that can be rented when and if there are no RV spaces available. If neither of these are available, the Shutters Hotel Elko has rooms that are available to be rented with all of the park’s amenities still available to each visitor.

Food Nearby Iron Horse RV Park

Iron Horse RV Park is in the center of a small town with multiple restaurants that will have a large variety of food types available to visitors no matter what they prefer. From chinese food to several Mexican cuisine spots, even the pickiest eater is bound to find something that they will enjoy. The Shutters Hotel Elko has an onsite restaurant that has discounted prices for visitors to the park.

Mexican food near the rv park

Airports near Iron Horse RV Park

Iron Horse RV Park is located in a relatively rural area that is a significant distance away from any of the nearest larger cities. The nearest airport is the Elko Regional Airport, and while it is open to the public it may be too small to fly straight into, if this is the case visitors may need to fly into the airports located in Reno, Las Vegas, or Salt Lake City.

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