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So, you just bought your first recreation vehicle, and you are looking to plan your first trip to a RV park in the United States. You are probably very excited, and let's face it you should be! However, right about now you are also probably slightly stressed about the logistics surrounding the packing and planning phase of the trip. Deciding what to bring with you can be a great challenge, especially when it is your first trip to an RV park, and you don’t know exactly what to expect. This is where we jump in to help. Below our RV Park Visitors Guide assembled a list of the top ten essential items you should bring along with you on your hiking trip to the RV park. 

1. Water, Snacks, Meals

Yes, this may seem obvious. But there is a good chance the RV park you decide to visit will be isolated and away from any services including restaurants or grocery stores. Therefore, before reaching your destination you should stock up on supplies including water, snacks, and meals. If you plan to stay off the grid for several days, we recommended that you gather additional supplies of water and sustenance. Obviously, in some locations like the western deserts your supplies of fresh water will be more vital to your enjoyment and overall survival.

2. Portable Generator

Bringing a portable generator along with you on your trip to any RV park is always a good idea. These pieces of equipment can step in and provide power even off the grid or within a park without working electrical hookups. You never will know when you will need to charge a phone, laptop, or other electrical device to either contact friends or family or plan the next leg of your trip. 

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3. Wheel Blocks

Wheel blocks are an essential piece of equipment that will ensure your safety while RVing. These plastic or rubber blocks will prevent your RV from rolling away when it is parked. Yes, your vehicle is equipped with its own brakes, but when parked on a slope of any type these brakes should not be trusted on their own. A solid pair of wheel blocks will also prevent your RV from moving slightly while you walk or move throughout the cabin.

4. Levelers

Levelers are similar to the wheel blocks we just talked about. However, these pieces of equipment will help keep your RV level instead of preventing it from rolling away. Together, the proper use of levelers and wheel blocks will ensure that your recreational vehicle is always secure and safe when parked. These levelers will also prevent damage from occurring to your interior appliances, like your refrigerator, that don’t work properly when they are not positioned on a level surface.  

5. Emergency Road Kit

List of Parks strongly advises when traveling to an RV park you should always pack an emergency road kit. A proper emergency road kit will contain several items useful in the event of an emergency or equipment malfunction. The most essential items in the kit will be a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, a flashlight, and warning triangles. It may also be helpful to include items such as a safety vest, pocketknife, and tire pressure gauge in your emergency road kit. This road kit can be kept in your RV at all times.

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6. First-Aid Kit

In addition to the emergency road kit, it is also important to bring along a first-aid kit when hiking in an RV park. This first-aid kit will come in handy if you suffer anything from a minor cut or scratch to major lacerations. When recreating in isolated parts of the country you need to be prepared for anything that can happen. A solid first-aid kit should include bandages, gauzes, burn cream, medical tape, alcohol wipes, and gloves. Of course, you are hoping you will never need to use your first-aid kit, but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

7. Cooking Supplies

Cooking in a recreation vehicle is very different from cooking at home. It is likely that you will have less room to cook and prep meals. Therefore, you will need to be selective about what cooking utensils and supplies you bring with you in your recreational vehicle. Bringing along a few versatile cooking pans that can be used to prepare a variety of meals is a good way to save space. You will also need to think about plates, silverware, and glassware. 

8. Clothing

While camping and hiking at the RV park you will likely need to utilize several different layers. It is likely that temperatures in the daytime will differ greatly from the ones you experience at night and having a series of clothing layers with you will be essential to your comfort. Lightweight layers that can be added and removed easily are great for navigating all that mother nature will throw at you during your trip to the RV park. 

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9. Toiletry Bag

Don’t forget to bring your personal hygiene and toiletry items along with you on your trip. It is a great idea to pack a small bag just for your toiletries to jeep these supplies separate and organized within your recreational vehicle. Items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo are standard essentials. Throwing a small canister of bug spray or sunscreen in your bag may also prove to be necessary on your trip depending upon your particular destination. 

10. Outdoor Equipment

Last, but certainly not least, it is important you think about what outdoor equipment you will need during your trip. Hiking boots, trekking poles, topographical maps, and compasses are common pieces of equipment utilized by campers in RV parks. Depending on your trip's itinerary and destination you may also wish to bring fishing equipment, a tent, backpack, binoculars, or other outdoor equipment.

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Have a Great Trip!

Traveling in your own recreational vehicle is one of the best ways to see all this country has to offer. It is even a better way to experience the wonders of nature via RV parks that are situated throughout the United States. The equipment previously listed and discussed will help you remain safe, comfortable, and prepared during your first trip to a RV park. Consider consulting this list while packing for your trip and again before leaving to make sure you have all of the essentials with you. Have a great time on your trip!

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