Snake River RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Snake River RV Park

Snake River RV Park, 1440 Lindsay Blvd, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

In the Northwestern portion of the United States, Snake River RV Park is located in Southeastern Idaho, just a few hours away from the Western border of Wyoming. The park sits along the banks of the Snake River near the middle portion of the city of Idaho Falls, mere minutes outside of the exit off of the US-20 highway. While there are many small towns and cities near the park, the city of Pocatello is a forty-seven-minute drive just south from Snake River RV Park.

sitting by the water near the Snake River RV Park

How Big is Snake River RV Park

Snake River RV Park is a moderately sized RV park with plenty of available room for even some of the largest RVs. At the time I researched the website for this RV park there was no clear number of available spots, cabins, and tent areas. From a quick look at the satellite view there are at least 72 RV sites, 23 tent locations, and 9 cabins.

Snake River RV Park Weather

The weather in and around the area Snake River RV Park is located in is typically warm and clear during the summer months and freezing and cloudy during the winter. The area is arid and dry all year long, with the hottest average time of year usually lasts about 3 months of the year with July 28 typically being the hottest day of the year with an average temperature of 87 degrees. The coldest time of the year usually lasts from late November to late February. The time of the year with the most precipitation usually falls between the months of November to June, the rainiest time of year being the month of May with an average of 1.5 inches of accumulation.

The weather is perfect for camping

Things to do in Snake River RV Park

Because of Snake River RV Park’s central location in the city of Idaho Falls some of the most popular features and locations are a short drive from the park. The following list lists some of the most popular activities.

Museum Touring

There has been a lot of history that has happened in and around the city of Idaho Falls over the years, and there are several museums that are only a few minutes away from the parking lot of Snake River RV Park. Including the contemporary and family friendly Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho, which exhibits local and emerging artists

Hiking Park Trails

Spending time in the outdoors is a time old tradition of the west and the area around Snake River RV Park is no exception. Immediately surrounding the park there are plenty of areas to explore the banks of the Snake River, as well as several trail systems and local parks open to hikers year round. One of the most popular being the Idaho Falls River Walk-Greenbelt Trail which allows visitors a closer look at the falls themselves.


Because of the ample amount of natural and cultivated spaces that surround Snake River RV Park, visitors to the park that want to spend some of their time searching for the local birds can expect to see a large variety of both local and migrant species. Some of the most common species include the mountain bluebird, Canada geese, western grebe, killdeer, and great blue heron’s.

Birdwatching Snake River RV Park

Camp Games

While there are plenty of activities and businesses to visit in the city around Snake River RV Park, there can be a lot of fun to be had right inside of camp. Some popular games that visitors could participate in are ladder golf, capture the flag, kick the can, and even hide and go seek.


For visitors that are interested in swimming during the warmer months of the year and don’t want to travel very far from the park, Snake River RV Park has its very own swimming pool that is open during the months of May to September as long as the weather is permitting.

Kid’s Playground

A lot of times parents can be concerned with where their kids spend their time during their stay at Snake River RV Park, and while there is some space for children to explore nearby area there is a safe and decently sized playground available for children that visit the park.


The western half of the United States is well known for not only massive landscapes but also ample opportunity for fishing a large variety of fish species. The water sources near Snake River RV Park have plenty of opportunity, one of the most popular places being Becker Pond just south of the city.

fishing on the water snake river rv park

When to go to Snake River RV Park

While you can stay at Snake River RV Park all year round the best time of the year to visit the park and surrounding area all depends on the types of activities you plan on participating in. Since many of the most popular activities to participate in near Idaho Falls are centered around spending time in the outdoors the best time of the year will be limited to your preference to weather conditions, yet the most comfortable time of year will be during the summer months when the weather is at its most mild condition. For any visitors to the park that want to avoid the popular tourist seasons many of the available businesses and activities are open year-round as long as they are willing to endure the harsher weather conditions in the off season.

Must-Have things to bring to Snake River RV Park

There are a lot of places to get the needed supplies in the area near Snake River RV Park, but visitors are likely going to want to bring the following items to ensure they have an ideal trip to the RV park.

Functioning and comfortable RV

Snake River RV Park has ample parking locations and hookup sites for RVs, and visitors can bring big rigs up to 85 feet, as long as the RV can fit in one of the locations the only other necessary features are those that will enable you as the visitor to be as comfortable as possible.


There are tent areas available to visitors to Snake River RV Park that can hold multiple people and tents. Visitors should bring a tent that can handle not only them but their gear as well. The tent should be able to withstand the weather conditions visitors may experience during their stay.

camping in a tent by the water near snake river rv park

Weather appropriate clothing

Snake River RV Park is a relatively open area, and while visitors that are staying within an RV will be able to stay warm and dry even during the worst weather conditions it is important to bring clothes that will keep your body warm and safe while outside.

Food filled with Energy

There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores just outside of Snake River RV Park, which will allow visitors to either quickly leave the park and get a bite to eat or to be able get any amount of food to bring into the park for homemade meals.


Visitors to the Snake River RV Park will want to bring an ample amount of water to provide for their own needs as well as those in their party for the duration of their entire trip. There are also plenty of places to purchase water near the park.


The last thing that any visitor to Snake River RV Park will want is to run out of fuel and be stuck stranded within the park when it comes time to leave. Be sure to bring enough fuel to ensure that you’ll be able to keep your RV running during your stay.


Since visitors to Snake River RV Park will have plenty of opportunities to create memories during their stay in the park and visiting the surrounding areas, it’s a good idea for visitors to bring a quality camera that can capture those memories for years to come.

First Aid Kit

While Snake River RV Park is moderately developed and not considered to be rugged especially compared to camping in primitive areas, there are still plenty of good reasons to bring a high quality first aid kit along with you to make sure that even in the event of an emergency you will be prepared to handle it.

first aid kit while camping helping out a friend with his arm

Where to stay in Snake River RV Park

Snake River RV Park has many accommodations for visitors to the park whether they intend on bringing a full-sized RV or want to take advantage of the open tent areas. There are even tiny cabins that will keep the elements at bay as well as provide a comfortable stay. The average rates to stay in the park range from $25 a night for the tent sites all the way to $46 for a pull in site that provides water, sewage, and electrical services.

Food Nearby Snake River RV Park

Snake River RV Park is located in an ideal location for visitors that will want to explore what the town of Idaho Falls will have to offer. Visitors can even visit local grocery stores to bring meals back to the park if they would rather spend the money elsewhere. The nearest restaurant is only a short three-minute drive down the street from the park.

Airports near Snake River RV Park

Snake River RV Park is in a great location for travelers that want to take any mode of transport because of the central location in the city of Idaho Falls. But if long distance visitors would like to fly into the area instead of driving across the country, the nearest airport happens to be the Idaho Falls Regional Airport which is only a six-minute drive from the parking lot of the RV park.

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