Field and Stream RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Field and Stream RV Park?

  • GPS: 42.7416, -71.6864
  • 7 Dupaw Gould Rd.
  • Brookline, NH 03033

Field and Stream RV Park is located near Potanipo Pond in the southeastern region of New Hampshire. The park is just three miles north of the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. It lies ten miles west of Nashua, a small city in New Hampshire with a population of around 88,000.

Field and Stream RV Park is just over an hour northwest of the major city Boston, Massachusetts. The Andres Institute of Art is just a few miles south of the park, and Townsend State Forest is about ten minutes south in Massachusetts.

Fall in brookline New Hampshire

How Big is Field and Stream RV Park?

Field and Stream RV Park is a relatively small-sized RV park with 26 spaces for overnight parking and encompasses a rectangular plot of land off of Dupaw Gould Road. The park is tucked away in the large forest surrounding Potanipo Pond, which is a 136-acre pond averaging a depth of 27 feet.

This pond supplies the water that feeds the Nissitissit River, a river that flows as part of the Nashua River. Overall, the park’s elevation is not much higher than sea level, only averaging about 262 feet.

Field and Stream RV Park Weather

The weather in the park varies significantly with the seasons. In the spring months, the weather averages 45 in March and warms up to the upper 60s by May. Spring nights can still be fairly chilly however, as March’s average lows are regularly below freezing (24), and May’s lows are only in the mid to upper 40s.

Summer temperatures are typically pleasant, with the warmest month typically July, when temperatures average around 84 degrees during the day. Summer overnight temperatures rarely climb over 60, so late nights can be on the cold side.

Winter months can be quite cold. January tends to be the area’s coldest month, with highs only reaching around 34 and lows staying in the lower teens throughout most of the winter nights. During winter, the area sees an average of 57 inches of snowfall per year.

Facebook page created in 2010

When Did Field and Stream Become an RV Park?

While the park’s site doesn’t list a date that it first started, it’s been around since at least 2010, when its Facebook page was created. It’s marketed as a park that is available to “Mature RV’ers” of all ages. This RV park is part of the New Hampshire Campground Owners Association.

Things to Do in Field and Stream RV Park

Dog Walking

Pets are welcome in the park, so bring your dog and take him or her for a walk around the area. Pets will love walking through the New Hampshire forests, and water-loving dogs will enjoy visiting the pond nearby.


For visitors with young kids, a playground nearby offers opportunities for children to run off some energy after being in the RV all day. Playgrounds also make a great space for having an afternoon picnic.

father son fishing while camping

Potanipo Pond

You can fish in Potanipo Pond. Be sure to purchase a valid fishing license to avoid hefty fees. Largemouth bass, yellow perch, and pumpkinseed can all be found in this warmwater fishery.

Merrimack Premium Outlets

If you want to take a break from the RV life for a while, this outlet mall is only about 25 minutes away. Save on brands like Calvin Klein, Talbots, and J. Crew and stock up on some clothing for the rest of your trip.

Hollis Flea Market

This flea market is more than 20 acres large and is both the largest and longest running flea market in all of New Hampshire. They start their operations around mid-April of each year.

Parkers Maple Barn

This country restaurant is famous for its maple syrup offerings, and they serve both breakfast and lunch. The gift shop has maple products created in their “Sugar House,” which uses a wood-fire evaporator.

wooden pickty place old red cottage

Pickity Place

This old red cottage has been around since 1786. The building was the inspiration for illustrations drawn for the Golden Book series, for their Little Red Riding Hood Today, the cottage serves meals and canned foods.


There are several antique stores in the area. Bring a friend and spend an afternoon sifting through collections of old furniture and vintage home goods, and you may find yourself discovering a prized collection if you’re lucky.


What better way is there to spend a summer evening than around a campfire with your loved ones? This RV park has fire rings at each site, and you can enjoy roasting marshmallows and hotdogs with your family.

Campfire with friends while camping

Make Friends

While you’re at Field and Stream RV Park, why not take the opportunity to meet some of your temporary neighbors? The small setting is the perfect chance to get to know people from other states and exchange experiences from your travels.

When to visit Field and Stream RV Park

Late spring and summer typically offer the best temperatures for visiting and exploring the local culture. The temperatures, even in summer, are typically mild, and temperatures don’t often rise about the lower 80s even in the warmest summer months.

Winter snowfall can make driving difficult, and it’s not advisable to take an RV through the road conditions in New England at this time. Some businesses only operate in the summer months as well, so if you do find yourself in the area late in the year, you may find that many shops are closed. The RV site prices change drastically from summer season to winter season, so keep that in mind when choosing dates.

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Must-Have Items for Field and Stream RV Park

Lunch, Food

Bring some picnic-ready foods so that you can your family can spend an afternoon in the sunshine enjoying animal and nature watching. Good options for picnic lunches include peanut butter sandwiches, fresh fruits, vegetables, and almonds.

Clothing Layers

Temperatures, especially at night, can get chilly even in the warmest of summer months, so bring articles of clothing like flannel, lightweight jackets, and even a heavier coat if you are cold natured.

Travel Journal

Bring along a travel journal so that you can record your memories of your travels. You can even collect things like leaves to press inside its pages as well as receipts and other mementos from your visit to New Hampshire.

Day Pack

If you decide to go out for the day, it’s a good idea to bring a day pack with you so you can make sure that you have a place to store water and snacks while walking out throughout the town.

girl spraying insect spray on herself while camping

Insect Spray

As the park is surrounded by forest and is in close proximity to a large pond, be sure to bring a bottle of insect repellent for your stay. Black flies are notoriously bothersome for campers and being prepared for them can prevent painful bites.


It’s never a bad idea to pack a bottle of sunscreen. No matter the time of year, the sun’s rays can always cause burns when you are exposed to it long enough. Remember to reapply according to the instructions on the label.

Fishing Pole

Bring your fishing pole and accessories so that you can spend a day fishing at the pond. You might even be able to catch dinner for that night if you’re lucky.


There are laundry facilities onsite, but they are coin-operated. Be sure to bring quarters so that you can catch up on laundry during your stay so you’ll have clean clothes for your trip back home.

Board Games

For evenings around the fire, board games are a perfect way to stay entertained while bonding with friends and family. Take the opportunity to try out a game you haven’t play before.

animals at the camping ground sitting in the tent

Dog, Pets

Bring your pets with you! This RV park is pet-friendly, and your canine companion will have a blast exploring the area and getting to mingle with other pets in the area.

Where to Stay in Field and Stream RV Park

If you’re not able to spend one of the nights in the RV park or are having a visitor come to the Brookline area, there are other facilities nearby where one could spend the night. While Brookline itself doesn’t have many offerings, you can head to Nashua for the evening and stay at one of many typical chain hotels.

Food Nearby Field and Stream RV Park

Local places like Pickity Place and Parkers Maple Barn are popular options for visitors to the area. You’ll have your choice of restaurants in both Brookline and Nashua, including Chinese, Greek, Italian, and American fare options. Hollis Country Kitchen is a popular and well-reviewed restaurant that offers hearty breakfast options and American lunch and dinner options.

Airports Near Field and Stream RV Park

The closest major airport is Boston Logan International Airport, which is just over an hour away from Field and Stream RV Park. This airport is your best bet for international flights as well as cheap intrastate flights. Visitors to the park will likely pass by the Brookline Airport, but this one is just a small, regional airport.

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