New Frontier RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is New Frontier RV Park?

New Frontier RV Park

4360 Rim Rock Road

Winnemucca, NV 89445

How Big is New Frontier RV Park?

New Frontier RV Park has 70 RV sites that are guaranteed to fit every sized rig without stress. All sites are level and provide full hookups. The area of Winnemucca is one of several Western railroad towns but stands out after one historic event. On September 19, 1900, legend has it that Butch Cassidy was responsible for the epic robbery of the First National Bank of Winnemucca. This, along with many other old western tales of the ‘Wild Bunch’ makes the area enticing for all visitors. Reno, a major city in Nevada, is located about 148 miles away from New Frontier RV Park. The surrounding area is surrounded by vast landscapes and great views of the outdoors.

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New Frontier RV Park Weather

Winnemucca summers are hot and arid but provide mostly clear blue skies perfect for exploring the outdoors. The winters bring in very cold temperatures and tend to be dry and cloudy. From summer to winter, the temperature can range from a high of 93 degrees to a low of 19 degrees in the colder months. The hottest months of the season are from mid-June to mid-September, with an average of 82 degrees. The coldest months last from mid-November to the end of February, with an average of 49 degrees.

When was New Frontier RV Park established?

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Things to do at New Frontier RV Park

New Frontier RV Park has some of the most amazing areas to catch the sunset, sunrise, and all the other photogenic, natural masterpieces that surround the park. There is no shortage of outdoor adventures when you choose to stay here.

The jungo pits from a far across a desert plain

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain stands at an elevation of 7,352 feet. It is located on the east side of the Desert Valley and is on the top of the hike list for both locals and visitors. By foot, the hike will take about 3.5 hours to the summit at a leisurely pace.

An area that welcomes motorcycles, jeeps, ATVs, and UTVs for off-roading access to trails. The area is 620 acres and provides a few jumps for an opportunity to catch some air. The area is free and open to stage anywhere in the park, but there are no service centers around. Be on the lookout for debris.

Bloody Shins Trail

This is not a trail for anyone, this is a well-known trail to all the die-hard mountain bikers out there. Some trails range from 7 to 17 miles and are marked for the novice, intermediate, and advanced riders. The trails are marked for the sake of beginner riders. The trails include dirt roads, two tracks, and single tracks. The beginner trail begins at 4,570 feet and reaches up to 4,820 feet. All trails and routes have been highly recommended and rated by those who have ridden them.

Ghost Towns

Nevada is home to more ghost towns than most states. Experiencing the eerie, yet the intriguing thrill of a town that once thrived with humans is an experience for the books. The top 6 ghost towns to visit are Rhyolite, Pioche, Virginia City, Goldfield, Berlin, and Aurora.

 An empty road in an empty town in Nevada Basque Culture

When in Nevada, experiencing the vibrant and unique culture of the Basque people is a must. The first group of Basque’s emigrated first during the 19th century for gold from the northern border between Spain and France. The main center of the Basque culture in Nevada is Elko. The culture continues throughout Nevada where you can experience the traditions of their homeland, including customs, language, dances, dress, and food.

Humboldt Museum

The Humboldt Museum is home to the history of what was once the real west. The building was a church that had turned into a museum to preserve remains from the Ice Age of 13,000 years ago, American Indian collections, vintage automobiles, and more. It showcases the thousands of wagon trains that existed back when they would make their long trek to California, along with preserving the vast history of North Central Nevada.

Winnemucca Mountain Trail

The Winnemucca Mountain Trail is 9.4 miles with a total of 2,404 ft elevation gain. It is a moderately trafficked out and back trail that is surrounded by wildflowers and luscious greenery. Although it is a longer hike, the views are worth the effort.

Winnemucca Regional Raceway

Winnemucca Regional Raceway is the fastest Dirt Stock Car Track in Northern Nevada. The raceway hosts a variety of races including a wide range of vehicles. Throughout the summer, there are races almost every weekend from Friday-Sunday.

Water Canyon

A popular hike located in the Canaan Mountain Wilderness Area. The hike got its name for its year-round water supply to several springs. It is nearly a 9k round trip that can range from 3-7 hours depending on speed and time taken for stops and snacks. With an elevation gain of 1200 feet, it is known to be moderately strenuous and recommended to bring plenty of water.

on a hiking trail inCanaan Mountain Wilderness Area

Winnemucca Sand Dunes

These are the largest dunes in Nevada. They are located in Humboldt County and span out over an area of 40 miles across the southern portion of the county. The dunes are less than 100 feet and make for a fun place to roam free for both kids and adults.

When to go to New Frontier RV Park

The best times to visit New Frontier RV Park are often when the weather is most favorable, however, these times can also be the most touristy. The best months to go for weather are typically from May to October. Most of the best activities surrounding the area are most enjoyed during these warmer months, however, it is also a fun place to be during the winter. Regardless of the time, New Frontier RV Park offers prime locations to soak in the glory of the great outdoors.

Must-Have things to bring to New Frontier RV Park

Preparation is key. Especially traveling long-term in an RV. Knowing the area of New Frontier RV Park, the temperature variations throughout the year can be drastic depending on the month. The more prepared and self-sufficient, the better. Despite the available amenities and service options available surrounding the RV park, here are some things you want to be sure to have.

two friends having a nice sip of water on a hike


Have plenty of water. Bring a couple of extra jugs than you normally would just to be safe. More is always better


Preparing for travel calls for proper food and snack packing. Trail mixes, bars, and other easy-packing snacks are great options.

Kitchen utensils

Bring everything you will use daily to cook at home if you decide not to use the food options within walking distance of the RV site. (Ex. Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, paper towels, wipes, knives. etc.)

Maps in physical and on phone

Being sure you know how to navigate throughout the surrounding areas. Another precaution to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Tool Kit

Things happen and it is best to be prepared with all the tool necessities. Bring Allen or hex wrenches. Bring duct tape. Bring scissors. Bring rubber bands and zip ties. Bring plenty of towels you can use as noise buffers. Prepare and anticipate.

Proper attire

Pack for the time of year you will be visiting but come prepared with waterproof gear too. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and proper clothing for cooler night temperatures. A backpack meant for hiking will be a great idea if you plan on spending the full day on your feet.


With all the wildlife and vast landscapes to view, getting a zoom-in view can always enhance the experience.

Portable Lights

Flashlight, Headlamps, Lantern.

Extra fuel/oils

Bringing a tank of gas and extra motor oil and transmission fluid will ensure that in case of an emergency, you will be set to get to the next best location.


Bringing your toilet paper and everything to make you comfortable using the RV toilet for your trip. This is important.

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New Frontier RV Park Details

The staff at New Frontier RV Park ensures their visitors that there will be no issues fitting into space. There is plenty of room for an easy, level pull-in. There are 70 RV sites available that provide full hookups, free Wi-Fi, cable, clean showers, and restrooms. The onsite clubhouse is the perfect place to meet, hang out, and play games in an open environment. There is a big screen TV for lounging and mini-mart available in case any small necessities are forgotten.

Food Nearby New Frontier RV Park

The area surrounding New Frontier RV Park has all the basic grocery and convenience stores needed nearby. If dining out is a desire, The Griddle is highly recommended by visitors and locals. For some top-of-the-notch BBQ, The Pig BBQ & Pub is the place to go. Look out for the local Basque culture events to try some of their traditional food. Some other top-rated restaurants include Winnemucca Pizzeria, The Martin Hotel, and Chihuahua Grill & Cantina.

airport right near New Frontier RV

Airports near New Frontier RV Park

The closest international airport to New Frontier RV park is Reno-Tahoe International airport, which is about 148 miles from the park. The next two closest regional airports are Elko Regional Airport 102 miles away and Boise Airport at 195 miles away.

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