Victorian Acres RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Victorian Acres RV Park

Park Address: 6591 Highway 2, Nebraska City, NE 68410

The Victorian Acres RV Park is approximately only a mile from the Nebraska-Iowa border and sits just off of the J. Sterling Morton Beltway. The park is about fifty-seven minutes away from Lincoln, the state’s capital city. The park also sits about 47 minutes just south of the city Omaha Nebraska. Visitors to the park that would like to visit the city of Des Moines, Iowa’s capital. The park is located in the southernmost park of Nebraska City.

How Big is Victorian Acres RV Park

Victorian Acres RV Park is a decent sized RV park with mostly larger pull thru spots that allow for even the largest RV units. While I was completing the research for this article, I could not find any concrete stat for the number of spaces available, but from what I was able to ascertain there are approximately 75 spots available to be rented by visitors to the park.

Victorian Acres RV Park Visitors Guide camping

Victorian Acres RV Park Weather

In the surrounding areas around Victorian Acres RV Park, the weather varies across the year with the summers being typically very warm and humid and the winters are normally freezing and windy. The hottest season of the year tends to last just under four months, usually from late May up until about mid-September. The hottest time during the hot season will peak around late July. The coldest parts of the year sit between November and late February with the temperatures reaching down to 18 degrees and up to 46 degrees at the coldest time of the year. The wetter parts of the season last just underneath six months, from April to October. The wettest part of that season peaks around the beginning of June.

Things to do in Victorian Acres RV Park

Because of the proximity to so many of the local attractions and the major highways, Victorian Acres RV Park is a convenient place for visitors to stay at while also having quick access to them. The following list goes over some of the most popular options available.

Museum Touring

The areas around Victorian Acres RV Park have had a long and complex history with a lot of interesting events, because of this there have been a large number of museums built nearby. In Nebraska City alone there are 12 museums. In each of the larger cities nearby there are also museums that visitors can explore to learn about the history of the respective areas.


There are several parks that surround Victorian Acres RV Park that offer visitors the opportunity to explore the local natural landscapes. One of the most popular of the local camping areas is Riverview Nature Park, which is only about a ten minute drive from the center of the RV park.


Victorian Acres RV Park is located just outside of Nebraska City, which hosts several festivals over the course of the year. Some of the most popular festivals that visitors to the park can attend are theArbor Day Celebration which happens during April, Fourth of July Celebration, and the Apple Jack Festival which is held during the month of September.

Fireworks while rv camping with friends

Camp Games

Because of the amount of space each RV spot has at Victorian Acres RV Park, there is plenty of room for visitors to bring or participate in any camp games they would like to. Some popular options would be to bring ladder golf, can jam, even card games. Visitors can also play things like capture the flag, kick the can, and hide and go seek.

Kid’s Playground

For visitors to Victorian Acres RV Park that wish to stay relatively close to the park and not venture too far away, there are designated areas that children can go to for a fun filled day that can be easily supervised without having to leave the park itself.

Orchard Visits

The area around Victorian Acres RV Park is considered to be plentiful for agriculture, which includes several orchards that are open to visitors. The most popular nearby orchards available for visits are Kimmel Orchard and Union Orchard, each with products to buy and tours.

Kimmel Orchard delicious apples

When to go to Victorian Acres RV Park

The best time to visit Victorian Acres RV Park all depends on what kinds of activities you’re interested in participating in during your trip. Many of the local activities are available year-round, such as the local museums and public parks. The peak seasons are during the summer and early fall, when the temperatures and weather conditions are most agreeable to the majority of visitors, but the park is open year-round and available if you’re willing to endure the conditions found during the off season. For the outdoorsy visitors it can be beneficial to visit during the warmer seasons but for visitors that wish to experience the museums and other indoor attractions the off season can be a cost-effective time to visit.

Must-Have Things to Bring to Victorian Acres RV Park

The following list goes over some of the necessary items that visitors should bring with them during their visit to Victorian Acres RV Park, feel free to bring along any items that would make your stay more comfortable.

Functioning and comfortable RV

Victorian Acres RV Park offers a plethora of RV spots, be sure that the RV you do end up bringing is in as good condition as possible to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during the entire duration of your trip.

Weather appropriate clothing

While during your stay at Victorian Acres RV Park will be inside an RV and out of the elements, it’s advisable to bring any clothing with you that will help keep you comfortable and dry during any bad weather you may experience.


While there are nearby restaurants that visitors to Victorian Acres RV Park can eat at, the park does allow you to bring food with you during your stay.  Be sure to bring enough food for the amount of people with you and for the duration of your stay.


There are water hookups for Victorian Acres RV Park as well as nearby areas to purchase water but to save on money and time that could be spent relaxing, visitors should consider bringing water with them for the duration of their visit.


Many of the functions of an RV require fuel and while there are areas around Victorian Acres RV Park that you can purchase fuel for your RV it is advisable to bring your own supply in the event of an emergency that would leave you and your party stranded in the park.


Victorian Acres RV Park is a great place for family functions such as family reunions and yearly get togethers. Because of this visitor should bring a quality enough camera and photography supplies to capture the potential memories created during your stay at the park.

First Aid Kit

Victorian Acres RV Park is a safe place for visitors, but accidents happen. Whether there's a little fall and someone scrapes their knees or elbows or someone suffers a more sinister injury, a high quality first aid kit is a very necessary and helpful thing to bring along with you that can help keep you and your party safe during your trip to the park.

Where to Stay in Victorian Acres RV Park

While there are other places that visitors could stay in in the event of an emergency in the surrounding area around Victorian Acres RV Park, there are plenty of spots available to visitors year-round within the park. The park provides many of the amenities that could be found elsewhere such as electric and water hookups, and a number of the spots have full hookups. Some of the spots offer things like shade or fire rings, as well as a table at each site.

Food Nearby Victorian Acres RV Park

Even though you can bring food with you into your stay at Victorian Acres RV Park, visitors may want to branch out and dine at some of the local restaurants and diners. Some of the most popular local restaurants are Runza Restaurant and Little Ted's Pub and Grill. There are also some major food chains available in nearby Nebraska City, such as Subway or Arby's for visitors that want something that is more familiar.

Airports Near Victorian Acres RV Park

People that usually visit RV parks similar to Victorian Acres RV Park will often drive cross country to their location. However, if you or someone in your party can't make the initial drive or are meeting up with your party after they arrive due to an unforeseen circumstance, there are options for you to fly into the area and travel to the RV park.

The largest Airport nearby the park is the Lincoln Airport which is just over an hour drive away.

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