Red Shoes RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Red Shoes RV Park

Placed in Kinder, Louisiana, Red Shoes RV Park is 30 miles from Louisiana State University and 10 minutes from downtown Kinder. With the RV Park on Coushatta Casio Resort grounds, you can enjoy gambling, shows, and great food. The address for Red Shoes RV Park:

  • 777 Coushatta Drive, Kinder, LA 70648

How Big is Red Shoes RV Park

Red Shoes US RV Park has over 107 paved sites, with 30- and 50-Amp options. All 107 sites have WiFi capabilities as well. Many of the sites are shaded and have a max length of 70 feet for the longest of RV. With full hook-ups and trash pickup on-site, Red Shoes RV Park has it all.

sitting in rv red shoe park at the camper

Red Shoes RV Park Weather

With Red Shoes RV Park open year-round, you can maximize your fun in Kinder, Louisiana. The coldest month of the year is January, with average highs of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the average lows getting down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, you will not experience any freezing weather when at Red Shoes RV Park. The warmest months of the year, on average, are July and August. With high temperatures around 92 degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you can enjoy pleasant weather in the summertime.

Additionally, rain is bound to happen when at Red Shoes RV Park. Months like January, June, July, August, and December have the most precipitation during the year. On average, each month named has eight days of rain.

While staying in Kinder, Louisiana, you will get to partake in a lot of wildlife observations as well. With biking and hiking trails nearby, there are preservation areas nearby with wetlands to see a variety of bird habitats and other endangered species. You may see animals such as the gopher tortoise, opossum, Louisiana black bear, and coypu.

When did Red Shoes RV Park Open

In 1995, the Coushatta Casino Resort opened along with Red Shoes RV Park in Louisiana. Fourteen years later, Red Shoes RV Park made it on the Good Sam Park Network's Top-100 List. This recognition is truly an honor. Out of 1,650 locations all across North America, this RV Park is top-notch.

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Things to do at Red Shoes RV Park

While you are at Red Shoes RV Park, you will surely not get bored. With plenty of attractions to see and do, Red Shoes RV Park is the place for you to be. Our RV Park Visitors Guide lists the 10 musts below:

Coushatta Casino Resort

Since this RV Park is on the Coushatta Casino Resort, you should reap the benefits. With table games, track betting, and bingo, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained.

Koasati Pines at the Coushatta Casino Resort

Do you like to play golf? Then, head over to Koasati Pines for some wide-fairway golf.

playing poker on a green velvet table near the rv park

Daiquiri Shack of Kinder

One of the best bars to go to is right in the heart of Kinder. Get a drink and meet new friends.

Tidal Charters

If you are a fan of fishing and boating, get ahold of Tidal Charters. They provide a worthwhile experience in Hackberry and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Psychic Realm

Want to experience something a little different? Head over to the Psychic Realm and meet a life coach today who could change your life forever.

Tupper Museum

History fans love to check out this old general store built in 1910. This museum gives a real sense of what Louisiana was like 100 hundred years ago.

Violin in the Cajun Music Hall of fame

Cajun Music Hall Of Fame & Museum

Music lovers rejoice! To take in real bayou culture, this museum gives you a true sense of this musical genre.

Sam Houston Jones State Park

This stellar state park is a splendid recreation area. For only a nominal fee, you can enter this park and spend all day.

United Artists Lake Charles Theatre

Fans of the cinema love to come to this theatre. They specifically show Hollywood movies of the past.

Charpentier Historic District

With magnificent architecture, this district uses strong angles and sharp lines to distinguish this community. As a past-lumber town, Charpentier Historic District is purely residential today.

When to go to Red Shoes RV Park

Since Red Shoes RV Park is open year-round, any month is a great time to consider going. However, when the fall comes around, the hurricane season is in full force. Be aware of the elements when planning your time. In turn, you may want to plan from January to July, but check the weather to ease your conscience. You can go anytime if the weather is right. 

Must-Have things to bring to Red Shoes RV Park

As you plan your trip to Red Shoes RV Park, you will want to have some essentials when in the area. When in the deep south, things can change at any moment, so it is best to think about preparation. Here is the list below.

girl hiking in the rain but well prepared with rain gear

Rain Gear

With so much rain in the area, List of Parks advises it is best to bring a raincoat or umbrella along for the ride. Stay dry while you tour around.

Emergency Radio

Since the weather can change at any point, make sure to have an emergency radio to give you all the news. Get the latest information from a radio you can trust.

Mosquito Repellent

Kinder, Louisiana does have some bugs, specifically mosquitoes. Bring along some mosquito repellent to keep you from itching later.


When you are out hiking around, you need to bring binoculars. You never know what you might run into that you want to get a better look.

Girl lathering on sunscreen before her hike


In the summer months, things get hot in Louisiana. Bring sunscreen to make sure you get protected from the sun.


With Louisiana being humid, make sure to hydrate often. You will sweat a lot during the year.

Winterizing Equipment

When the winter hits, Red Shoes RV Park will get cold. It is essential to have the right equipment to upkeep your RV.


You may least expect it, but there will come a time when you need to take a beautiful picture. Have your camera ready to capture the moment.


You probably are not from Kinder, Louisiana, if you are reading this. Bring a map along to help you get around town.

Hiking Shoes

With all the hiking you can do around Red Shoes RV Park, bring some hiking shoes. Protect your feet and stay comfortable wherever you roam.

Red Shoes RV Park Site Details

Red Shoes RV Park has other amenities that you need to experience. With a laundry area, snack bar, and dog park, there are areas to get things done and places to have a ball. There is also a heated pool, fishing, an exercise room, a splash pad, and horseshoes.

Food Nearby Red Shoes RV Park

When in Kinder, Louisiana, you have a lot of restaurants to visit. Fausto's Family Restaurant is a sensational place to eat seafood, while the Big Sky Steakhouse is one of the best places to get your steak. Are you craving something quick? Head over to the Coushatta Seven Clans Buffet for some exquisite American food.

woman waiting in airport to fly to Red Shoes RV Park

Airports near Red Shoes RV Park

Less than an hour away from Red Shoes RV Park is Lake Charles Regional Airport. Lake Charles also has Chennault International Airport if you need to travel to larger destinations. Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is only two hours away from Kinder, LA, and is a straight shot from west to east.

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