Little River RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is the Little River RV Park

Little River RV Park & Campground is in the northeastern portion of Alabama. The campground is not too far from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama. With a population of 14,012, this town loves having guests downtown. The address for this amazing RV Park is:

1357 County Road 21, Fort Payne, AL 35967

The mailing address for the Little River RV Park is:

166 Road 1940, Fort Payne, AL 35967

Waterfall at Little River RV Park

How Big is the Little River RV Park

The Little River RV Park has 42 total sites. All of the areas include a fire ring. There are also picnic tables at all of the sites, except for tenting areas. Twenty-six of the locations have complete electricity, plumbing, and water. Seven of those sites are pull-thru areas, as well. If you are more of a fan of tenting, check out one of the eight options with power and water and eight without.

Little River RV Park Weather

Little River RV Park has some mild weather. Because of this, the RV Park is open year-round. The warmest months are July and August, where the temperatures average 90 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the coldest month is January. The highs are 52 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lows are right around freezing. If you like rain, then December and July will be your favorite months, where they average nine days of perception. On the other hand, October only has five days of precipitation.

The wildlife in and around the area will astound you. Bald eagles are easily seen, up in the air or high up in their nests. Some fish you should keep an eye out for is the long ear sunfish. This fish is one of the prettiest in all of Alabama. Lastly, reptiles in the area include the fantastic copperhead snake. You can find out more information just like this at our National Parks Visitors Guide.

Camping at Little River RV  Park

When did the Little River RV Park open

The Little River RV Park opened in September of 2008. This RV Park is two miles away from the Little River Canyon and nine from Fort Payne. Tim and Janet Williams own and operate the site. Tim is a life-long resident of Fort Payne, and his wife lived close in the surrounding areas.

Things to do at the Little River RV Park

When considering Little River RV Park, you need to take in all the sights and sounds. That is why you should look at the list below that gives you ten exciting things to do while in the area.

Little River Canyon National Preserve

This preserve has the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi River. With a waterfall and a view of Lookout Mountain, you cannot go wrong.

DeSoto State Park

This state park is one of the beauties of Alabama. With waterfalls, wildflowers, and more, come and enjoy the rustic tradition.

Desoto National Park

Alabama Fan Club and Museum

Buy some fun country music items at the gift shop. Then, you can talk to the friendly staff as they walk you through the museum.

Alabama Walking Park

As one of the best playgrounds in Fort Payne, come stroll on the walking trails. There are even lovely statues with a brief history of the town.

Fort Payne Depot Museum

This gem is in the heart of Fort Payne. Take a red caboose tour or look at the architecture of the past.

Big Mill Antique Mall

Shoppers will love this antique mall. With over 100 years of history here, you may be surprised by what you find.

Big Mill Mall

Orbix Hot Glass

This specialty shop allows you to blow glass. In less than an hour, you can make a work of art.

True Adventure Sports

Do you want a tour guide around town? You will gain skills, knowledge, and so much more along the way.

Boom Town Markers Market

The market has 60 local artists for you to get to know. Expect food and fun while you shop around.

Myrtle Jane's

Just a few minutes from the interstate, this shop is as cute as they come. Find your hidden gem today. 

Myrtle Jane's Alamaba

When to go to the Little River RV Park

Since the Little River RV Park is open year-round, you have days and weeks to decide when to come down. Ultimately, hurricane season is a real threat to the area in the fall months, so keep that in mind. The summers are super-hot and humid, as well. In turn, look to go in the spring, when the temperature is perfect. Also, there will be no hurricanes around either.

Must-Have things to bring to the Little River RV Park

You are getting closer and closer to coming to the Little River RV Park. But make sure you don't forget your packing list. Then, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Hiking Shoes

With so many parks and preserves, you can't bring any old shoes along. Bring hiking boots to keep your feet happy.

Hiking Shoes

Water Backpack

Sure, you can bring any old water bottle. But, bring a water backpack to provide hydration and storage.

First Aid Kit

When you are out and about, anything can happen. Be prepared with your kit to help bandage yourself or others up.


Since you are not from the area, you should consider getting a map or GPS. This way, you will know where you are going, no matter the time of day.


Are you getting hungry? That is your cue to bring snacks along for the ride.

Layered Clothing

In the winter, spring, and fall, make sure to bring layers. The weather can shift quickly in the area, so be prepared.

Mosquito Repellent

Depending on the time you are at the Little River RV Park, make sure to bring along repellent. The little critters can be pesky.


With some magnificent trails nearby the RV Park, bring your bike along for the ride. Bring a helmet, too!

Breathable Clothing

Alabama sure can get humid. Bring some clothes that will let you breathe when you are traveling around.

Cell Phone

Bring along this electronic device, just in case you get into trouble. Calling for help might take a while, but you will know people will be on the way if need be.

Little River RV Park Site Details

When staying at the Little River RV Park, you need to know there are many benefits. Many of the plots have Wi-Fi and Cable built in. Because this RV Park is so big, you can even go backpacking and tent out in the wilderness. The hike is short to get out there. The campground itself is pet friendly, as long as they are on a lease. Whether you are young, old, or in-between, this US National Park is for you.

Food Nearby the Little River RV Park

Fort Payne has some tasty food only a few miles away from the Little River RV Park. Start by heading over to the Santa Fe Cattle Company. This American steakhouse makes a mean shrimp taco and steak sandwich. Vintage 1889 is a must-see, too. The roast beef will make your mouth water when you walk in the door. Lastly, Sally's Smokin Butt BBQ makes the best brisket in town.

Airports near the Little River RV Park

Little River RV Park has a few airports nearby. Lovell Field, in Chattanooga, is only 50 miles away. Additionally, the Huntsville International Carl T. Jones Field is 61 miles from the RV Park. Both of those airports are huge, so if you are looking for something a little smaller, consider the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport, which is almost 110 miles from the campground. You can find parks just like this one at List of Parks.

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