Sea & Sand RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Sea and Sand RV Park?

4985 N Highway 101

Depoe Bay, OR 97341-9740

Sea and Sand RV Park is located in the northwestern portion of the U.S., in the middle of Oregon’s west coast edge. The park’s site is along the boundary of the coast and the Pacific Ocean, making it a prime spot for water lovers. The park runs right along Highway 101, providing easy access for drivers.

Portland, Oregon (the nearest large city) is two hours northeast of the park. Smaller towns like Salem, Corvallis, and Tillamook are each approximately an hour away or slightly further. The Oregon-California border is about five hours south of the park, while the Canadian-U.S. border is about six and a half hours north.

Sunset at Sea and Sand RV Park Visitors Guide

How Big is Sea and Sand RV Park?

Sea and Sand RV Park is relatively large for this style of park, offering over 100 sites for campers. The area offers a few types of landscapes, including ocean view sites, forest sites, and hilltop sites. Three sides of the park are enclosed by trees, with the westernmost sites facing the Pacific Ocean. The park is also big enough to accommodate showers, laundry facilities, and a dump station.

walking on the beach at  Sea & Sand RV Park Visitors Guide

Sea and Sand RV Park Weather

The weather at Sea and Sand RV Park remains fairly consistent throughout the year, without major temperature swings during any given season. The warmest month is August, with average high temperatures remaining around 68 for most of the month. July and September are similarly mild, with evening lows dipping into the lower 50s.

Winters are relatively warm, with December typically proving to be the coldest month, with an average high of 54 and a low of 41. The area averages only one inch of snow each year but gets 80 inches of liquid precipitation annually. Overall, the area is generally cool and humid due to its position on the Pacific Ocean.

When Did Sea and Sand Become an RV Park?

According to its official website, Sea and Sand RV Park has been around for over 35 years. While limited information is available regarding its owners, the website does mention that park sees generations of families, even offering a “semi-permanent RV program” for frequent travelers. The park is also involved in “Tents for Troops” program, which provides two days of free camping for members of the military and their families.

sitting by the fire at the Sea & Sand RV Park

Things to Do in Sea and Sand RV Park


Fish like steelhead, salmon, and trout, are all commonly caught in the freshwaters nearby. You may even be able to catch enough fish to cook for dinner one night on one of the park’s grills.

Gambling at the casino near Sea & Sand RV Park


Chinook Winds Casino is a quick, 20-minute drive up the Oregon coast. You’ll get stunning ocean views during the drive, and at the casino, you may find yourself the lucky winner of a little extra vacation money!

Whale Watching

Nearby Depoe Bay, just a few miles south of the park, is host to gray whales that migrate through the area. Depending on the timing of your visit, you could have a very good chance of viewing them at least once during the day.

Salishan Resort

This area, which is in walking distance of the park, boasts a golf course (18 holes) and a multitude of shopping opportunities. Pass a quiet afternoon golfing with your friends and family and then pop into a few shops for some souvenirs.

Sea & Sand RV Park beach walk


The area provides a seven-mile stretch of sandy beachfront, making it a prime area for collecting seashells. Beat the morning crowds and find the prime shells before others make it down to the beach.

Float Fairies

These beautiful, handblown glass floats are crafted by local artists and secretly placed along the beach. If you find one of them, it is yours to keep, and you can even register it online to find our more information about its creator.

Summer Kite Festival

If you visit Sea and Sand RV Park in June, check the local event calendar to see if your trip coincides with the Summer Kite Festival. This event hosts professional kite flyers while also offering opportunities for kids to make their own kites.

    Fourth of July fireworks at the rv park

    Fourth of July Events

    Catch some fireworks over Siletz Bay on 4th of July. The area is also home to several Independence Day parades, live music, and food for sale, which you can enjoy before the twilight fireworks show.

    Lincoln City Half-Marathon

    If you’re a runner, try your luck at the Lincoln City Half-Marathon event in September. Join others in this competitive fitness challenge as you’re encouraged by friends and family members cheering on the sidelines.

    Salmon Bake

    Also, in September, the area hosts a salmon bake. Baked in the tradition of Salishan Family of Coastal Native American tribes, the salmon is cooked for several hours on a log fire that reaches over 20 feet high.

    all four seasons at the rv park

    When to Go to Sea and Sand RV Park

    Sea and Sand RV Park is the perfect place to stay no matter what time of year. With only slight fluctuations in the weather between summer and winter, you can count on cooler days no matter what time of year and chilly nights.

    Summer is a great time to visit if you are looking for public events like live concerts, food festivals, and fireworks displays. Winter months offer quieter, more secluded visits if you prefer to stay away from the larger crowds. Between June and October, you may have a shot at seeing some of the resident gray whales that frequent the waters before departing for Baja California.

    Bringing the golf clubs on the camping trip

    Must-Have Things for Sea and Sand RV Park

    Military ID (If Applicable)

    If you are an active-duty member planning to take up the park hosts’ Tents for Troops offer, be sure to bring along your official military identification. You’ll get two free nights of camping! Make sure to reserve ahead of time to save your spot.

    Fishing/Crabbing Gear

    The Depoe Bay area offers charter fleets for visitors who want to spend the day deep sea fishing and crabbing. For the freshwater fishers, you can easily visit one of the many local streams and rivers.

    Golf Clubs

    Avid golfers won’t want to miss the 18-hole golf course at Salishan Resort. Take a break from the close quarters of your RV and spend a few hours out in the warm Oregon sun.


    If you plan on looking for any gray whales, bringing a pair of binoculars is a must. Binoculars will provide you excellent views. Be sure to bring an appropriate carrying case to keep them free of sea salt and sand, as these materials can damage your equipment.

    Beach Towel

    With the beach in walking distance from every site at Sea and Sand RV Park, even non-swimmers will want to stroll down to the beach and enjoy at least a few hours in the sand Bring a towel to lay on and read a book or use it to dry off after taking a dip in the ocean.


    Since the park has over 100 RV spots, even quiet hours can be a little louder due to the coming and going of so many vehicles. Be sure to pack an extra pair of earplugs, especially if you’re a lighter sleeper. Getting a good night’s rest is essential to enjoying your vacation.

    connecting to the wifi while lounging in a chair at the RV Park


    The park offers a recently upgraded Wi-Fi connection, so be sure to bring along a laptop or tablet. Evenings in your RV are a great time to plan the next day’s sightseeing adventures and looking up reviews of local restaurants.

    Pet Leash

    While this park welcomes visitors’ pets, it is necessary to keep them on a leash for the safety of both your pet and the other guests. Bring a leash and plenty of waste bags, as “doggy pots” are scattered throughout the site to help keep it clean.

    water bottle on a hiking trip

    Water Bottle

    Reduce your plastic usage by bringing a refillable water bottle. You’ll likely be spending lots of the day walking around, so fill up with fresh water to keep yourself hydrated and energized for your day of adventuring.

    Bag for Seashells

    It is the rare beachgoer that doesn’t return home with at least one shell to remind them of their stay. Bring a sturdy bag for collecting seashells or, if you’re especially lucky, one of the artsy Float Fairies left by artists on the beach.

    Rv Park in a grass field

    Where to Stay in Sea and Sand RV Park

    If the sites at Sea and Sand RV Park are booked and you need to spend a night or two nearby, you’ll have multiple options to choose from. Several hotels and motels are sprinkled all along the coast, and you’ll have no shortage of choices. Depending on the time of year, some of them may be filled, so be sure to call ahead of time.

    Food Nearby Sea & Sand RV Park

    Restaurants are plentiful near Sea and Sand RV Park. Obligatory seafood fare is widely available, and you’ll also have options like French cuisine, Thai dishes, Mexican food, and general pub meals. Cafes and wineries are also located along the coastline, so you can pop in for a refreshing beverage as necessary.

    Airports near the rv park

    Airports Near Sea and Sand RV Park

    The closest major airport to Sea and Sand RV Park is Portland International Airport. This airport is about two hours and 15 minutes northeast of the park. While some bus and train lines exist, they are not efficient ways to travel around the beach area. Seattle-Tacoma Airport is four and a half hours north of the park and may offer slightly cheaper plane tickets.

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