A Prairie Breeze RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is the A Prairie Breeze RV Park

A Prairie Breeze RV Park is in Menoken, North Dakota, east of the state capitol, Bismarck. All around, you can experience the wide-open spaces of this spectacular state. This campground is unlike anyone in the entire state. The address for this RV Park is:

2810 158th St. NE, Menoken, ND 58558

a swift breeze in the wind at A Prairie Breeze RV Park

How Big is A Prairie Breeze RV Park

A Prairie Breeze RV park has 42 spaces available for travelers to enjoy. There are 30- and 50-Amp options to power your area. With tent and folding camping available, there are a plethora of advantages for you to come out to Menoken, North Dakota. There are even shaded areas all over to get the coverage you need on the hottest of days. What is not to love about this establishment?

A Prairie Breeze RV Park Weather

With this RV Park only open from April 1st to November 1st, you do not need to worry about the harsh winters of North Dakota. You will only get the best of the best here. You can expect the beginning of April, the end of October, and November 1st to be the coldest times at A Prairie Breeze RV Park. The average highs will fluctuate between 40 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. But, the lows get down to freezing. The warmest month is July, where the average high is around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lows get down to 57. If it is precipitation you want, May and June are your best bets. You can expect seven days of rain per month.

North Dakota has some serious wildlife you need to see to believe. You can expect buffalo to be roaming across the land, as well as the traditional eagle and elk. There are hundreds of birds to classify and reptiles, amphibians, and fish species to check out. Whether you are a bird watcher, photographer, hunter, or love to fish, there is something for everyone here.

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When did A Prairie Breeze RV Park open

A Prairie Breeze RV Park does not have information on when it first opened. But it did join Facebook in 2012 to market its establishment. Over the years, the RV Park has enjoyed some superb BBQ. Some of the people staying at A Prairie Breeze RV Park have even caught crawfish to cook.

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Things to do at A Prairie Breeze RV Park

While staying at A Prairie Breeze RV Park, there are many locations you have to see to believe. Check out the list below to start organizing your trip with top things to do.

  1. McDowell Dam Nature Park - Looking for a peaceful spot to travel? Head over to the McDowell Dam Nature Park and bring a picnic lunch.
  2. Grand 15 Theatres - Wanting to check out a good movie? Spend some time at this Egyptian-themed movie theatre.
  3. Country Soule - The Country Soule is something a little bit out of the ordinary. You can buy nice clothing to fit your western vibe.
  4. North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum - This museum is the largest in North Dakota. Enjoy the four unique museum galleries.
  5. Sky Zone Trampoline Park - This indoor trampoline park will rock your world. They even have deals every so often that you can enjoy.
  6. Kirkwood Mall - Go get your shopping on with all the name brands you can think to get. This way, you can stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.
  7. Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation - Spend the night out by going to this foundation. There, you will experience culture, music, and theatre.
  8. State Historical Society of North Dakota - Wanting to learn more about what North Dakota has to offer? This museum is a must-see to gain more knowledge.
  9. St. George's Episcopal Memorial Church - One of the oldest churches in all of North Dakota is nearby the RV Park. Come and enjoy the architecture and religious functions.
  10. Former Governors' Mansion State Historic Site - If you are a fan of the government, you will love this old Governor's location. Enjoy the past while touring in the present.
St. George's Episcopal Memorial Church

When to go to A Prairie Breeze RV Park

Any reason to head out to North Dakota is a great one. But spring and fall are the best times to journey out this way. From the scenery to the landmarks all around, history is plentiful in this part of the Midwest. Come and stay as long as you would like.

Hiking clothing should be light when at Prairie Breeze RV Park

Must-Have things to bring to A Prairie Breeze RV Park

As you plan your time to come out to A Prairie Breeze RV Park, these items are a must. Check out the list below to help you pack. You will be glad you gathered all this stuff up beforehand.

  1. Light, Breathable Clothing - The humidity can get to people out in the Midwest. For this reason, bring breathable clothing so you can stay comfortable.
  2. Emergency Kit - Since there are long stretches of the highway from place to place, bring along an emergency kit. Items can include extra gas, food, water, and radio, to name a few.
  3. Water - You never know when your body will be clamoring for you to drink some more water. Have a water bottle where you go.
  4. Hiking Shoes - With so much nature to enjoy around North Dakota, you are going to need some hiking shoes. This way, you will save on getting blisters.
  5. Rain Jacket - Thunderstorms can come out of nowhere. That is why you need to bring a rain jacket to protect yourself from the elements.
  6. Snacks - Snacks are a vital part of life. Make sure to bring along a bar or two to keep your nourished.
  7. Business Casual Attire - If you plan to head out for the theater, make sure to bring along the right clothes. Business casual will do.
  8. Sunscreen - It can still get pretty hot in the summer around North Dakota. Come prepared.
  9. Mosquito Repellent - Wherever there is humidity, you can find mosquitoes close. Bring some repellent to combats these beasts.
  10. Park Map - Maybe you want to go on a fun adventure outside of what you have planned. Bring along a map to get to know the ins and outs of North Dakota. 
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A Prairie Breeze Site Details

A Prairie Breeze Site has so much to offer you. Pets are welcome at this friendly establishment, as well as handicap access for all those in need. There are big rig sites and tables in every area. If you are looking to stay connected with the world, you can enjoy WiFi all over the RV Park. Some of the amenities include restrooms, a laundry area, and showers.

Food Nearby A Prairie Breeze RV Park

Wherever you travel, you are bound to get hungry at some point. Don't worry because there is a lot of sensational food around Menoken, North Dakota. Start with the Tumbleweed Bar and Steak House. Stop for lunch and get some old-fashioned wings. Or how about the Marlin's Family Restaurant. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, and even dinner here. Lastly, head over to the Little Cottage Cafe for a breakfast that will rock your world.

Airports near A Prairie Breeze RV Park

There are a few airports to consider when staying at A Prairie Breeze RV Park. First off, the closest is the Bismarck Municipal Airport (14 miles away). Hector International Airport is the only international airport nearby, but it is 188 miles away.

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