Crater Lake RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Crater Lake RV Park?

46611 Hwy 62

Crater Lake Hwy

Prospect, Oregon 97536

Crater Lake RV Park, also known as Prospect RV Park, is located in the town of Prospect, Oregon, in the northwestern region of the United States. Situated south of the Umpqua National Forest, the park is surrounded by forests in three directions. Crater Lake National Park is approximately 20 miles northeast of the RV park, which is just under a 30-minute drive.

Five miles southwest is the small town of Cascade George, near Lost Creek Lake. The closest sizable city is Medford, an area that is about one hour south of the RV park. Crater Lake RV Park is an hour and a half north of the Oregon-California border, making the park an easy day drive from California.

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How Big is Crater Lake RV Park?

Crater Lake RV Park’s official website states it is built on the U.S. Forest Service campground plan, but they’ve specifically designed their RV park to be large enough to handle “big rigs” like large campers and RVs.

The park has 54 campsites connected by a large looping road. Each site is located just off this main loop, providing easy access to and from the facilities. Crater Lake RV Park lies just off of what’s known as the Crater Lake Highway, or otherwise called Highway 62.

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Crater Lake RV Park Weather

The weather in Crater Lake RV park changes noticeably during the seasons, but temperatures are rarely extreme at any point in the year. Average winter low temperatures tend to hover just under the freezing point, while winter highs are typically in the high 40s to low 50s.

Summer’s hottest month is usually July, with average temperatures peaking around 88 degrees. Summer nights are typically chilly, with low temperatures getting down to the upper 40s. The area receives annual rainfall that is on par with national averages, just over 36 inches of rain throughout the year. Snowfall amounts to less than a foot and a half.

When Did Crater Lake Become an RV Park?

While limited information is available regarding Crater Lake RV Park’s history, the park is owned by Pam Lee and Ron Kolstad. These hosts employ the help of other, temporary, camp hosts, helping create a community atmosphere in the park.

Hiking on the trail on Pomona

Things to Do in Crater Lake RV Park

Don’t Miss the Trees

Pine, fir, and cedar trees make up the surrounding Umpqua National Forest. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy identifying the various types of trees while even the casual visitor will enjoy the rich scents these trees provide.

Social Events

The RV park organizes communal events like campfire nights and potluck meals for campers staying in the area. Take the opportunity to meet some out-of-towners and trade traveling stories.


Rogue River is a quick walk from the campground and is filled with trout like brown trout and rainbow trout. Salmon live in the surrounding lakes, so fishers can have their pick of delicious pescatarian meals while camping.


The campground welcomes children and parents to ride bikes along the park’s roads, a great pre-lunch activity during the day.

Pancake Breakfasts

Around holidays, the campground hosts cook pancake breakfasts for guests. The breakfast is free for all campers, so take the time to get to know your hosts while mingling with fellow travelers.

Waterfalls and Goldfish Ponds

The park boasts waterfalls and ponds filled with goldfish on its premises. Fishing is not allowed at the goldfish pond, however.

Hunting through the woods at Crater Lake RV Park


Experienced hunters will enjoy hunting large game animals including elk, deer, and wild turkey. Hunting is only permitted at certain times of years, and the hosts recommend that visitors planning to hunt check the state’s hunting guidelines.


For the adventurous group of campers, rafting the Rogue River offers a chance to get out in nature via a refreshing raft trip. Depending on your skill level, you may choose a quieter, calmer section of the river, although there are strong rapids available for the braver rafters.

Horseback Riding

What better way to explore the beautiful landscape of Oregon than on horseback? Less than half an hour from the park, Diamond Lake Corrals provide anywhere from one-hour trips to multi-day trips.

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Two lakes, Lost Creek Lake and Diamond Lake, are both near Crater Lake RV Park. These two lakes offer boats for rent, although you can bring your own as well. Enjoy water skiing or fishing in the deep lake waters, possibly even bringing home dinner!

When to Go to Crater Lake RV Park

Like with most parks, the best time of year to visit depends on your interest levels. For winter lovers, the area receives enough snowfall to enjoy winter activities like riding snowmobiles. Hunters will want to check the varying local hunting schedule to time their trip accordingly and to avoid hefty fines.

Spring, summer, and fall offer additional possibilities for enjoying the outdoors. The hot summer temperatures are perfect for swimming. If you do plan to swim, it’s better to stick to these months as water temperatures can be chilly even during the warmest months. Spring afternoon temperatures are ideal for bicycling, as the summer sun can sometimes be too intense for extended cycling trips.

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Must-Have Things to Bring to Crater Lake RV Park

Your Dog

The park is open to pets, so bring your pet if they’re friendly. There will be plenty of sights and sounds to entertain your beloved animal. Pets are required to be kept on leashes at all times, both on and off the trails.

Waterproof Bags

Bring a waterproof bag from Body Glove to keep all of your valuables safe. Whether to keep electronics, snacks, matches or other valuables dry, you won't regret having one of these bags when you get caught in a rain storm and happen to come across a body of water. If you're going kayaking or any other water sport, these bags are a no-brainer.

Folding Chair

If you visit in September, be sure to bring a chair to the Music in the Mountains festival, which is a yearly event offering various types of live music, including country and folk.

Spare Cash

For visitors planning their trip in July, considering going during the third week of the month. An annual Fly In event is held at a nearby runway for small planes. The event raises funds for a local search and rescue team through raffles and games.

hiking shoes are a must when hiking near Crater Lake RV Park

Good Hiking Shoes

Strap on a pair of sturdy hiking shoes and hit one of the many trails that trace their way along the landscape. For multi-day hikers, consider the 48-mile-long Upper Rogue National Recreation Trail for an extended trip in the outdoors.

Reusable Water Bottle

Dehydration can set in quickly, even during chillier weather. Always be sure to bring enough water for the amount of time you expect to be outside. You’ll even want to bring extra for any “just in case” scenarios.

Mountain Bike

The Crater Lake area boasts over 200 miles of trails that are accessible by mountain bikes. The park connects directly to the Upper Rogue River Trail for families looking for a conveniently located trail.


For snow-lovers, snowmobiles offer a unique way to enjoy the scenery. Many of the trails do require a permit, so be sure to check into local regulations to avoid unnecessary fines. You can even book a tour if you want to rent one for the day.

In my swimsuit at the lake floating in a tube


While only strong swimmers should consider swimming in the Rogue River, the Woodruff Bridge beach area is safer for most swimmers. Crater Lake RV Park’s site mentions warmer water temperatures, as well.

Geology Guidebook

Learn more about the scientific history of the mountains by bringing along a local geology guidebook. The mountains in the distance are actually remnants of old volcanoes, making the park a must-see location for geology enthusiasts.


No trip to the western region of the United States would be complete without a quality camera. While virtually everyone’s phones these days contain cameras, considering buying or borrowing a professional camera for your trip to fully capture the area’s beauty.

Where to Stay in Crater Lake RV Park

For visitors that aren’t able to stay in the RV park itself, you can consider one of the local bed and breakfasts or mountain resorts nearby. Union Creek Resort offers reasonable prices a few miles north of the park, while Prospect Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn is fairly close as well. A limited number of alternate lodgings are available closer to the park, but Medford will be your best bet for national chains.

Food Nearby Crater Lake RV Park

One of the best parts of staying at an RV park like Crater Lake is the opportunity to meet other people. Considering eating with your temporary neighbors and hosts at one of the planned potlucks. Otherwise, Medford is once again the most fruitful option when it comes to finding both local cuisine like Café Dejeneur and national fast-food franchises.

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Airports Near Crater Lake RV Park

Portland International Airport, the closest “large” airport, is nearly five hours north of Crater Lake RV Park. Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is just under an hour southwest of the park in the city of Medford. Visitors without a car will likely want to consider using a rental during their stay, as the area is very spread-out.

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