Berlin RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Berlin RV Park?

5924 State Route 39

Millersburg, OH 44654

(330) 674-4774

How Big is Berlin RV Park?

Berlin RV Park is located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. There are 40 spots for RV’s of all sizes and 40 spots for those who want to kick it the old fashioned way in tents. The park opened in the fall of 2011, which is conveniently located two miles west of downtown Berlin on State Route 39.  It is about 139 miles from Toledo, Ohio, which is considered the nearest major city. The facility is brand new and it is locally owned and managed. The park prides itself on being peaceful, quiet, and welcoming to the surrounding wildlife, creating a unique experience for the whole family. 

weather at Berlin RV Park in Ohio

Berlin RV Park Weather

The weather at Berlin RV Park will vary drastically throughout the year. The summers are hot and the winters are freezing. Unfortunately, it is known for being partly cloudy year round. Temperatures in the summer can get up above 90 and down to 4 in the winter.  The warmest season will last 4 months starting in May and ending in September, with an average daily temperature of 73. The coldest season begins in December and ends in March, with an average of 44 degrees.

When was Berlin RV Park established?

Berlin RV Park opened in 2011. The facility is new and is owned and managed by locals.

 On a hiking trail walking through Berlin RV Park

Things to do at Berlin RV Park

Staying at Berlin RV Park is located close enough to all the favorite local attractions. From experiencing the Amish culture to getting out into the wide open spaces amongst the trails, there is something to do to suit every mood.

Hershberger's Farm & Bakery

When a bakery is at the top of a to-do list, you know it’s good. There is a wide variety of delicious baked goods ranging from fry pies and apple fritters to muffins and cookies. For a small fee, they offer horse and pony rides that the kids will love.

Holmes County Trail

Holmes County Train is 15.6 miles in total with only 383 feet of elevation gain throughout. The miles of trail offer solitude, fresh air, a view into the wildlife that inhabit the area. The trails off one lane that is covered in asphalt for those who want to rollerblade, cycle, and run.The trail is also welcomed to horse-drawn vehicles and horseback riding.

Victorian House Museum

The mansion is owned by Holmes County Historical County Society.  There are 20 rooms in the unique Victorian mansion. The house serves as a place to house artifacts. All tours are self guided with an abundance of information for visitors to read and learn about the history. 

on a hike through a path at Blackhand Gorge Trail

Blackhand Gorge Trail

The Blackhand Gorge Trail is a total of 8.5 miles with an elevation gain of 790 feet. The trail is moderately trafficked out and back and is welcome to all skill levels. Leashed dogs are welcomed.

Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park is located on the south shore of Pleasant Hill Lake. The park is a total of 1,110-acres open to public recreation. The park is surrounded by the vast 4,525-acres of the Mohican-Memorial State Forest. The Mohican River flows through the park offering a great opportunity for water activities. Between hiking, boating, camping, mountain biking, fishing, and picnicking, it is a day well spent.

Yoder’s Amish House

Yoder’s Amish Home offers paid tours for the family to experience the culture and history of the Amich. The property was purchased in 1972 by Eli and Gloria Yoder and later opened for visits in 1983.  Throughout the season, they will host a variety of special events, like apple butter stirring.

The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is all around nature lovers haven. There is an interpretive building, educational building, observation towers, and picnic areas. There are 10 miles of fresh, beautiful trails that are surrounded by streams, creeks, ponds, and the local wildlife. The Wilderness Center takes responsibility for preserving the hiking trails in Zoar Woods and other forested areas.

walking through the Guggisberg Cheese Factory

Guggisberg Cheese Factory

Alfred Guggisberg founded the factory in 1947. He created Baby Swiss cheese, which is now world-famous and has become a household name of Ohio’s Amish Country. Leading up to the farm, you can’t miss the green and lush pastures that provide the grazing cows with the quality land to produce the factories top of the market products.

Millersburg Glass Museum

The Millersburg Glass Museum sits on the County Cultural Center Campus, owned by John Fenton The museum showcases the finest glass and the history behind it. A key feature is its interpretive room, where visitors can learn about the local glass plant, how the glass is created and the tasks of the workers.

Fire Ridge Golf Course

Fire Ridge Golf Course is a pristine golf course with an eighteen-hole golf layout located amongst the hills in Holmes county.  The course spans out over valleys and hills with a scenic backdrop of the countryside. All skills levels are welcomed.

 Berlin Ohio during the summers is wonderful

When to go to Berlin RV Park

The best times to visit Berlin RV Park are often when the weather is most favorable. Millersburg, Ohio weather varies drastically from season to season, so deciding when to visit is going to be based purely on what activities are desired during the time of stay. The highest amount of tourism occurs during mid-June to mid-September when all the warm-weather activities are in action.

Must-Have things to bring to Berlin RV Park

Preparation is key. Especially traveling long-term in an RV. Knowing the area of Berlin RV Park, the temperature variations throughout the year can be drastic depending on the month. The more prepared and self-sufficient, the better. Despite the available amenities and service options available surrounding the RV park, here are some things you want to be sure to have.


Have plenty of water. Bring a couple of extra jugs than you normally would just to be safe. More is always better.

camping snacks on the go at Berlin RV Park


Preparing for travel calls for proper food and snack packing. Trail mixes, bars, and other easy-packing snacks are great options.

Kitchen utensils

Bring everything you will use daily to cook at home if you decide not to use the food options within walking distance of the RV site. (Ex. Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, paper towels, wipes, knives. etc.)

Maps in physical and on phone

Being sure you know how to navigate throughout the surrounding areas. Another precaution to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Tool Kit

Things happen and it is best to be prepared with all the tool necessities. Bring Allen or hex wrenches. Bring duct tape. Bring scissors. Bring rubber bands and zip ties. Bring plenty of towels you can use as noise buffers. Prepare and anticipate. 

bring the right camping attire to Berlin RV Park

Proper Attire

Pack for the time of year you will be visiting but come prepared with waterproof gear too. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and proper clothing for cooler night temperatures. A backpack meant for hiking will be a great idea if you plan on spending the full day on your feet.


With all the wildlife and vast landscapes to view, getting a zoom-in view can always enhance the experience.

Portable Lights

Flashlight, Headlamps, Lantern.

Extra fuel/oils

Bringing a tank of gas and extra motor oil and transmission fluid will ensure that in case of an emergency, you will be set to get to the next best location.


Bringing your toilet paper and everything to make you comfortable using the RV toilet for your trip. This is important.

Berlin RV Park Details

Unlike many RV sites of its kind, Berlin RV Park is fairly new, so all of its facilities and offered amenities are of all the highest quality and up to date. There is room for 40 RVs and 40 spots for campers who wish to stay in tents. The park offers great rates that come with free wi-fi, 30/50 amp services, and level pull through sites for the biggest rigs. With the surrounding nature and location in the heart of Amish country, the vibes are peaceful and slow paced. Downtown Berlin is nearby to appease to those who desire some local shopping and flea marketing. On site, the park has its very own herb garden, playground, and picnic areas.

Food Nearby Berlin RV Park

There are several local grocery store branches and convenient stores located in the area surrounding Berlin RV Park. Downtown Berlin is home to several of the local favorites and it’s only 10 minutes from the park. Hershberger’s farm and bakery is highly rated and visitor favorite. Challey in the Valley Restaurant, Berlin Farmstead, and Miller’s Brewing Company are a few other of the town’s best locations for food.

Baggae claim through the Ohio airport on my way to Berlin RV Park

 Airports near Berlin RV Park

The two closest international airports to Berlin RV park are Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, which is located about 60 miles away and John Glenn Columbus International Airport, located 64 miles away.  The next to closest regional airport is Akron-Canton Airport, located 35 miles away.

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