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Where is Roosevelt State Park

Located in the central region of the state, Roosevelt State Park resides entirely within the state of Mississippi. The state park is located near Morton and lies about exactly in between Jackson and Meridian. The park contains Shadow Lake, miles of nature trails, a visitor center, and a campground. Other facilities visitors to Roosevelt State Park can expect to find when they arrive are an 18-hole golf course and a swimming pool. Roosevelt State Park lies 34 miles and about a thirty-minute drive east of Jackson, 84 miles and about an hour and a half drive north of Hattiesburg, and about 215 miles and a three hour and thirty-minute drive west of Montgomery, Alabama. The state park also is located within the Bienville National Forest.

How Large is Roosevelt State Park

Roosevelt US State Park covers over 550 acres. The park’s geography mainly consists of woodlands, Shadow Lake, and rocky peaks. The total mileage of all nature trails within the Roosevelt State Park trail system totals around 5 miles. These trails meander through the park’s woodlands and offer spectacular views of Shadow Lake and the surrounding area. The elevation of Roosevelt State Park averages around 505 feet. One overlook in the park offers visitors the opportunity to experience views of the Bienville National Forest.

Roosevelt State Park Weather

The weather of Roosevelt State Park varies often throughout the entire year. In summer, temperatures in the park average between 60- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures in the park average between 35- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest days of the year fall upon Roosevelt State Park in June, July, and August. The coldest days of the year arrive at the park in December and January. On average, Roosevelt State Park receives about 85 days of rain per year. These days amount to a yearly precipitation total of about 60 inches. Roosevelt State Park rarely experiences any snow. The average amount of daylight present within the park during the summer is 14 hours.

Wooden Pathway in Sunny Forest in Roosevelt State Park Mississippi

When did Roosevelt State Park Become a State Park

Roosevelt State Park first became a state park in 1940. The park was one of the first state parks to be constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in Mississippi. The CCC began their construction in 1935 and finished in 1940. Over the years, the park has experienced several renovations and additions. However, several reminders of the CCC’s influence still remain throughout the park. The main reason for the park’s establishment was to provide access to Shadow Lake and the surrounding woodlands. The park also protects the area’s wildlife and vegetation. Roosevelt State Park is maintained and managed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Things to do in Roosevelt State Park

Visitors traveling to Roosevelt State Park will find a variety of activities waiting for them when they arrive. Our State Park Visitors Guide highlights the most popular activities and adventures the park provides access to below: 

Explore the Visitor Center

The visitor center at Roosevelt State Park is one of the best place’s visitors can begin their state park adventure. The visitor center contains several displays and educational exhibits that discuss the park’s ecology, history, and cultural significance. Staff working in the visitor center are also a valuable resource. These individuals are dedicated to providing the best experience to the park’s visitors and can answer additional questions visitors have about the park.

Participate in an Interpretive Program

Roosevelt State Park designs and offers a variety of interpretive programs to all of its visitors. These programs normally discuss topics related to the park’s wildlife, history, or culture. However, the exact topic and schedule of these events varies throughout the year. Park staff located in the visitor center can supply visitors with an updated schedule of events.

Hike the Nature Trails

The nature trails at Roosevelt State Park are designed to allow visitors to interact and observe wildlife and vegetation found throughout the park. These trails meanders through the woods and around Shadow Lake. Most of the trails are accessible to hikers of all experience levels. Additional information regarding distance and trail descriptions can be found at the park’s visitor center. 

Cast a Line

Shadow Lake contained within Roosevelt State Park grants anglers visiting the park the opportunity to cast a line or two while they enjoy their state park adventure. The lake is stocked with largemouth bass, bream, catfish, and black crappie. All eager anglers should arrive to the park with a valid Mississippi state fishing license and be knowledgeable of all Mississippi fishing regulations.

Water Skiing on Shadow Lake

Other than fishing, Shadow Lake also allows visitors to go boating and waterskiing. The park’s boat ramps make putting in and pulling out a boat simple and effortless. Visitors arriving at the park with their own watercraft should be aware of all Mississippi boating regulations.

Play a Round of Disc Golf

The disc golf course located within Roosevelt State Park contains 18 holes. The course’s holes are a mix between open and more challenging wooded holes. Visitors who have already paid the park’s normal entrance fee can use the golf course throughout their stay free of charge.

Wildlife Viewing

Roosevelt State Park provides a home to a variety of wildlife species. These species are mostly located in the park’s woodland habitats. However, the park also contains a long list of avian species who migrate and reside in the park year-round. Visitors eager to spot wildlife within the park will most likely observe the park's deer, squirrels, racoons, and a variety of woodland songbirds.

Camping in Roosevelt State Park

The lodging within Roosevelt State Park includes a campground that contains 109 sites suited for recreational vehicles and tent campers, as well as 15 vacation cabins, and a motel. All of these campsites, cabins, and motel rooms can be reserved through the park’s website and reservation portal. Visitors looking to stay within the park in summer should make reservations several months in advance. 

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When to Visit Roosevelt State Park

Roosevelt State Park is open all year round. However, the best times to visit the park are in spring or summer. During these seasons, warm temperatures descend upon the park and most of the park’s activities are accessible to visitors. Wildlife in Roosevelt State Park is most active during the spring season. Fall in Roosevelt State Park brings cooler temperatures and seasonal colors. 

Must Have Items to Bring to Roosevelt State Park

Every trip outdoors requires a bit of packing and planning, and a successful trip to Roosevelt State Park is no exception. Below is a list of essential equipment List of Parks suggest every visitor should consider bringing with them to the park.

Sturdy Hiking Boots

To be prepared for the variety of trails that await them at Roosevelt State Park, all visitors should pack a sturdy pair of hiking boots with them. Visitors looking to hike frequently in the future should look to invest in a lightweight and waterproof pair of hiking boots.

Boating Equipment

Boaters will want to remember to bring all of the necessary boating equipment with them to Roosevelt State Park so that they can properly enjoy the park’s Shadow Lake.

Fishing Rod, Reel & Tackle

Fishing in Roosevelt State Park can be quite an enjoyable activity. Make sure to bring your rod, reel, and freshwater tackle box along with you to the park. A Mississippi fishing license is also required, and all Mississippi fishing regulations apply.

Binoculars & Wildlife Guides

A variety of wildlife resides inside of Roosevelt State Park. Visitors hoping to spot and identify a plethora of species will want to bring their binoculars and wildlife field guides along with them to the park. Additional guides can be purchased in the park’s visitor center.

Camping Gear

Creating a camping gear checklist is a great way to ensure you have all of the necessary equipment packed with you before you leave for Roosevelt State Park.

Water & Snacks

Water and snacks are always essential for any outdoor getaway. Hikers should bring extra water and high energy snacks like trail mix and beef jerky along with them.

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Where to Stay in Roosevelt State Park

Visitors looking to stay in Roosevelt State Park should look to make reservations for one of the park’s cabins, campsites, or motel rooms. These reservations can be made online through the park’s website and reservation portal. Visitors looking to stay in a hotel or other lodging establishment near the park should check out options in Morton or Jackson.

Food Near Roosevelt State Park

The closest food to Roosevelt State Park can be found in Morton, Jackson, or Meridian. These towns contain several restaurants and grocery stores that should suit visitors' needs. Visitors seeking other options, or a more diverse menu should search for establishments in Hattiesburg. The city has a larger culinary scene than any of the smaller towns surrounding the state park. Visitors making the drive to Hattiesburg will find various restaurants and bars that offer a variety of different culinary styles. 

Airports Near Roosevelt State Park

The closest airport to Roosevelt State Park is located in Jackson. The Jackson-Medgar International Airport is located 28 miles and about a thirty-minute drive away from the state park. The next closest airport resides in Hattiesburg and is an hour and a half drive away from Roosevelt State Park.

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