View of Mountains in Autumn at Mount Blue State Park Maine

Where is Mount Blue State Park?

  • 299 Center Hill Rd, Weld, Maine 04285

Mount Blue State Park lies in the southwestern region of Maine. This park is located near Webb Lake, a sizeable body of water offering boating opportunities. The closest town to the park is Weld, a very small town in Franklin County with an approximate population of just 419 people. Mount Blue US State Park is near the intersection of Interstates 2 and 27, making it a convenient destination for people driving through Maine. Augusta, the state’s capital, is a little over an hour southeast of the park.

How Big is Mount Blue State Park?

The park covers 7,489 acres, or over 30 square kilometers. An interesting note on the geography of the park is that the land is divided into two separate branches. One plot of land is on the western side of Webb Lake while the other area envelops mountain peaks on the eastern side of the same lake. The elevation in the park reaches 1,214 ft.

Calm Lake Near Mount Blue State Park Maine

Mount Blue State Park Weather

Weather in the park can vary dramatically between the different seasons. As is typical in Maine, many of the months experience generally cooler weather, with winters being colder than many other parts of the United States and summers being mild and pleasant.

Winter can be staggeringly cold, with average low temperatures in January remaining just one-degree Fahrenheit, and average highs for the same month at 24 degrees – well below the freezing point. Yearly snowfalls can reach up to 87 inches or higher (over seven feet of snow).

It isn’t until May that temperatures consistently remain above freezing, but even then, nights average 38 degrees. Summer is much warmer, with August exhibiting an average high of 75 degrees and average low of 50.

When Did Mount Blue Become a State Park?

In 1955, Mount Blue became a state park when Maine purchased the land from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Previously, work was done in the area through the Works Progress Administration, an agency formed as part of the New Deal to create jobs for unemployed workers in the 1930s. Over 2,000 additional acres were added to the park in the early 2,000s.

Things to Do in Mount Blue State Park

Our State Park Visitors Guide has outlined exciting activities for you to enjoy while at Mount Blue State Park.  


Mount Blue State Park offers a boat launch for visitors that makes it easy to spend a day out on Lake Webb. Water enthusiasts can also bring their kayaks and canoes for a quiet afternoon of paddling.


The park offers many campgrounds for families and individuals alike. Whether you prefer to stay at an established, drive-in campsite or a more remote backcountry site, Mount Blue State Park has something to offer for everyone.

Snowmobile Trails

Adventurous visitors can bring their snowmobile to try their hand at snowmobiling in a winter wonderland. Check the park map for trails designated for snowmobiles.

Center Hill

Center Hill offers a sliding hill for visitors, so be sure to bring your sled. This activity is great for families and individuals alike.


Webb Beach is a beautiful sand beach on the Webb Lake. Visitors can spend the day sunbathing and enjoying the scenic mountain views. A bathhouse is located near the beach along with hot showers.

Cross-Country Skiing

The park offers both groomed and ungroomed trails for all experience levels. With over 15 miles of ski trails, visitors can choose trails between half a mile long and up to 10 miles.


The Center Hill Trail is perfect for snowshoeing, but visitors should bear in mind the trail is very difficult and although only 1.5 miles, can take up to three hours to complete. The same goes for Rock Trail, an equally strenuous trail offering an overlook at its end.


The Ranger Station at the park contains an ice rink for visitors to enjoy during their trip. During skating breaks, visitors can relax in the nearby warming station.


The mountain views of the area offer an ideal location for a picnic. Visitors can pack in a lunch and enjoy the breathtaking views no matter what the season.


Numerous hiking trails exist in the area, including the Mount Blue Trail. 3.2 miles round trip, this trail starts in the parking area and ends at the remains of a fire tower at the summit of Mount Blue.

When to Go to Mount Blue State Park

Mount Blue State Park offers activities for anytime of the year, but the best season for most people is winter. Due to the snowfall and cold temperatures, winter provides the possibility for countless winter activities like snowshoeing, snow-moiling, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. Winter can also be the most crowded time due to the popularity of these activities, so be sure to plan your trip in advance to beat the crowds.

For visitors who are more interested in camping, summer may provide the better option. All campsites are open throughout the summer and selected ones throughout the winter. Regardless of the season, campers will want to come prepared with warm clothing as mountain weather can easily shift to cooler temperatures without warning.

Must-Have Things to Bring to Mount Blue State Park

List of Parks highlights below the items you should consider bringing to Mount Blue State Park.  


Bringing a couple of handwarmers to keep in your pockets can help you stay warm on the trails during your visit. These small but efficient devices can keep your hands feeling comfortable for hours.

Ice Skates

Don’t forget to pack a pair of ice skates for your trip. Enjoying an outdoor ice-skating rink is one of the best ways to spend a winter afternoon, especially when you get to experience views of snow-covered mountains.

Bug Spray

Black flies can be a problem in Maine, so be sure to pack bug spray in the summer months. Black flies are troublesome as they can bite.


Bring a swimsuit for the warmer months when the waters of Lake Webb turn warm enough for wading and swimming. The beach area offers a bathhouse for rinsing off after a dip in the lake.


Pack a thermos full of hot chocolate or other warm beverages like hot tea or coffee. Having a warm, comforting thermos of liquid can help you stay warm and hydrated out on the ski slopes.


Mount Blue State Park is home to several species of wildlife, including moose, black bears, and coyotes. Binoculars help you view these animals from a safe distance, as with all wildlife, visitors should be cautious and give them adequate room to pass by on trails.


With so many trails cutting through the park, visitors will want to make sure to pack a printed copy of the park’s map to have just in case. Laminating the map can help keep it dry and protected in snowy conditions.


Keep plenty of snacks on hand during your trip, as you are very likely to work up an appetite at this park. Between all the winter sports and sightseeing, you are sure to have hunger pains before you know it.

Warm Clothing

When dressing for your trip, remember to layer up. Layering can help provide extra pockets of warmth while also giving you the option to remove and add layers as needed. Consider investing in water-resistant pants to prevent your clothes from being soaked by snow.

Cell Phone

Don’t forget to bring your cell phone. Make sure your battery is fully charged so that you have it in case of an emergency. Downloading digital copies of maps and park information can also be helpful if you don’t have service in the area.

Where to Stay in Mount Blue State Park

Mount Blue State Park is a bit of a drive to the nearest lodging facilities. While camping is a great option during the summer months, visitors may be more comfortable booking a night or two in a nearby hotel or inn. A few hotels are located in Farmington and Wilton, two towns about 20 miles south of the park. Remember to book early to ensure the best rates and availability.

Food Nearby Mount Blue State Park

Food choices are sparse in the area, so visitors with dietary restrictions may want to pack a meal or two just in case. Arkay Pizza is located in Farmington and can be a good option to grab a bite of pizza, whereas Bradbury’s Market and Diner offers both a place to eat and pick up groceries for people needing to purchase supplies for their stay.

Airports Near Mount Blue State Park

While there are several regional airports in the area, the closest major airport is Boston International, which is nearly four hours south of the park. If you are travelling via plane, you will most likely want to plan on renting a car during your stay due to the distance from the airport. For international travelers, the Montreal Airport is about four and a half hours to the northwest.

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