Northern Lights Over Alaska Near Rivers Edge RV Park

Where is River's Edge RV Park

River's Edge RV Park is right next to the Chena River. Fairbanks, Alaska is at the heart of this RV Park. With just over 30,000 residents, Fairbanks is big enough to have the luxuries of home but small enough to get in the great outdoors and lose yourself in the beauty. As one of the most populous cities in Alaska, you will get to know the culture and experience one of the most stellar states in the United States of America. The address for the River's Edge RV Park is:

  • 4200 Boat Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701

How Big is River's Edge RV Park

While staying at the River's Edge US RV Park, you can expect to stay on one of the 167 sites that have extra-wide pull-throughs. With basic, full, and super hookup options, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each site is spacious beyond belief, allowing you to take a load off and live in the calm of Alaska.

River's Edge RV Park Weather

Since River's Edge RV Park is only open from mid-May to mid-September, you will not have to withstand any of the brutal winters. When the RV Park opens for business in May, the average temperatures are 64-degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 38-degrees Fahrenheit at night. The coldest month is September with highs around 55-degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 35-degrees Fahrenheit. If you like heat, then the month to go is July with lows around 52-degrees Fahrenheit and highs of 73-degrees Fahrenheit. The rainiest month in Fairbanks is usually August with ten days of rainfall.

The wildlife is something you will marvel at in Fairbanks, Alaska. Moose are common in the area, as well as 32 different herds of reindeer and caribou. Other animals to keep an eye out for include black bears, lynx, and foxes.

Dog Sledders in Snow Covered Forest Fairbanks Alaska

When did River's Edge RV Park open

In 2013, River's Edge RV Park added themselves to Facebook, sharing their space with all who are interested. Since that time, River's Edge RV Park has grown to be one of the best RV locations on planet Earth. With cleanliness, service, and value, River's Edge RV Park will have you living a charmed life.

Things to do at River's Edge RV Park

When staying at the River's Edge RV Park, you will have lots of opportunities to wander. In and around Fairbanks, there is plenty to see and do. Our RV Park Visitors Guide highlights below ten things that are a must to do when staying at River's Edge RV Park.

University of Alaska Museum of the North

One of the best visitor's attractions is this museum. With over 2.5 million artifacts to sort through, you could spend many days here.

Running Reindeer Ranch

Spend some time in the boreal forest. You will see many reindeer.

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

If you are a fan of antique cars, this is the place to be. Come check out models like the Compounds, Argonne, Stutz, and Packard.

Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center

Want to learn more about native history and culture? Check out memorable exhibits at this location.

Alyeska Pipeline Viewing Point

If you want to walk, bike, or take a cultural tour, then you have to head over to Alyeska Pipeline Viewing Point. You can experience this for miles.

Pioneer Park

While at this park, you can check out the steamboat that Alaska purchased from Russia over 100 years ago. Also, you can check out old mining equipment, log cabins, and more.

McKinley Explorer

Tour along 356 miles of railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks. You will see the peak of Mount McKinley along the way.

Aurora Ice Museum

An ice museum is fantastic, but what if you add hot springs to the mix? Then, you get the Aurora Ice Museum.

Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

Are you a bird fan? Come check out over 2,000 acres of land with many opportunities to bird watch and view wildlife.

Antler Arch

Go and see this arch made out of antlers. This location is phenomenal for taking photos.

View of Scenic Highway Alaska

When to go to River's Edge RV Park

When deciding which month to go to River's Edge RV Park, know that the summer months are the warmest, but they get the most precipitation. Additionally, you will not see as much wildlife in the summer month as you would in the spring and fall months. With one of the shortest RV Park seasons in the United States of America, you will have less time to stay in Alaska, so get yourself organized so you can maximize your tie.

Must-Have things to bring to River's Edge RV Park

As you prepare to head out to River's Edge RV Park, there are a few things you need to bring along for your journeys. Planning is the best way to have a stellar time in Fairbanks, Alaska.  List of Parks has outlined items you should consider bringing with you to River's Edge RV Park.

Global Satellite

You never know when you might get caught in the middle of nowhere. Bring this along so you could get picked up quickly.

Layered Clothing

Alaska weather can change on a dime. Be sure that you have layers just in case.

GPS or Trail Maps

Fairbanks is an oasis-like none other. But, bring along a trail map or GPS, so you know where to go.


Since Fairbanks, Alaska is in a humid area, expect to get dehydrated quicker than you might think. Luckily, the elevation is only 446-feet.

Bear Spray

You never know when you may come in contact with a bear or moose. Have some bear spray handy to save your life in the process.


You will get hungry out and about Fairbanks, Alaska. Bring something packed with carbs and proteins along the way.

Emergency Kit

There may be a time you need to bandage up. Having an emergency kit is worth its weight in gold.


Wildlife catching your eye? Binoculars are a superb way to stay safe when watching wildlife.

Wet Suit

If you are interested in traveling down the Chena River, it is going to be cold. Bring along a wetsuit to stay dry and warm.


Alaska is a humid place that can start to wear on the body. Having your lips stay moisturized is a must.

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Over lake Fairbanks Alaska

River's Edge RV Park Site Details

River's Edge has three hook-up options for you to consider. The basic hook-up includes 30-amp power, showers, and running water. The full hook-up is 30-amp power, water, showers, and sewer, while the super hook-up is 50-amp power, cable, sewer, shower usage, and pull-thru capabilities. Other things on-site include a car wash facility, a picnic area, a gift shop, and a dump station.

Food Nearby River's Edge RV Park

Fairbanks has food that will keep you satisfied day after day. Start by going to the Jazz Bistro. This Caribbean restaurant has stellar Cuban sandwiches. The Creperie makes a premiere salmon crepe, while Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine whips up some tasty pork and noodles.

Airports near River's Edge RV Park

River's Edge RV Park is only two miles from Fairbanks International Airport, allowing you peace of mind when going to and from the airport. The next closest option is Minto Airport, which is much smaller than Fairbanks International Airport. This airport, 39 miles from Fairbanks, is best if you are looking to fly yourself around Alaska and parts of Canada.

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