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Where is Mountain Views RV Park

539 Airport Road, Post Office Box 680, Creede, CO 81130

The Mountain Views RV Park, located in Creede, Colorado, is under four-and-a-half hours from Denver, Colorado. In Creede, there are plenty of museums to enjoy. The address to the Mountain Views RV Park is:

How Big is Mountain Views RV Park

With close to 100 site options, the Mountain Views RV Park has 30- and 50-amp sections that have a variety of amenities to enjoy. There are pull-thru sites and full hookups for whatever kind of RV you have. The restrooms with full showers are a welcomed sight for people traveling into Creede, Colorado, as well.

Mountain Views RV Park Weather

With the Mountain Views US RV Park open from May to September, there are only a few months out of the year that you can enjoy Creede, Colorado. From October to April, the high temperatures only range from 39 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not ideal RV Park weather. But, with the warmest months of the year open, you can expect the low temperatures to get around freezing, but never lower. The highs will range from 67 degrees Fahrenheit up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain and snow are still a possibility when Mountain Views RV Park is open, but the sun should be most expected.

While staying at the Mountain Views RV Park, you will see a lot of wildlife near the San Juan Mountains. In the summertime, you will see elk, bighorn sheep, lynx, cougars, bobcats, and other types of small mammals. The best scenic byways near Creede, Colorado are State Highway 149 and U.S. Highway 160.

When did Mountain Views RV Park open

Even though there is no specific information on when Mountian Views RV Park opened, they have been around for the last decade, with its presence on Facebook since 2011. Since that time, there have been close to 2,000 people who have checked in on Facebook enjoying their time at Mountain Views RV Park. This RV Park is truly one of the best in all of Colorado.

View of Golden Aspens Bachelor Loop Creede Colorado

Things to do at Mountain Views RV Park

At the Mountain Views RV Park, there are a lot of things to do if you like the outdoors and museums nearby. Check out the top-10 things our RV Park Visitors Guide suggests to do when you are staying at the Mountain Views RV Park in Creede, Colorado.

Last Chance Mine

This silver mine from 1891 has been restored for the public to see. If you are a fan of mineral and rock collecting, this mining building is for you. There is even a tunnel that reopened in 2014 for the public to see. One of the best things is that this mine is free to enjoy.

Bachelor Loop

Looking for some stellar scenery? Then, you have to take on the Bachelor Loop. This loop is a self-driving tour and has some memorable lookout spots.

North Clear Creek Falls

With waterfalls, geologic formations, and beautiful nature and wildlife areas, North Clear Creek Falls is a must-see in Colorado. A little driving and walking are what you can expect from North Clear Creek Falls.

Creede Underground Mining Museum

This exhibit is underground. There is a sensational gift shop that is open year-round to take in mine shafts.

Creede Historical Museum

With artifacts and other little gems, this place should be on your to-do list. This museum is located downtown on Main Street.

Wheeler Geologic Area

This remote destination is perfect for mountain biking. There are also hiking trails and areas for 4-wheel driving.

Creede Repertory Theatre

This non-profit organization brings in 50,000 people per year. Year-round, this establishment puts on theatrical productions varying from the classics to modern options.

Ooh La Spa

Wanting to take a little break from the ordinary? From hair to manicures and pedicures, this business has it all.

Creede Trading Company

For shopping fans, you have to go to the Creede Trading Company. Their fudge is the best.

Creede & Mineral County Visitor Center

For Rio Grande River Valley views, this place is unreal. With a 9.4-mile trail, you will work your way through aspen, fir, and spruce beauty wherever you turn.

View of Bristol Head Peak Creede Colorado

When to go to Mountain Views RV Park

The choice is yours on when to go to Mountain View RV Park, List of Parks highlights that the summer is best. With warm temperatures and chilly nights, this is the best time to be in Creede, Colorado. There is always something to do in Creede during the summer, so plan on arriving during this time.

Must-Have things to bring to Mountain Views RV Park

When you are planning your trip to come out to Mountain Views RV Park, there are some must-haves that you need to bring. By being in the San Juan and Rocky Mountains, the weather can change on a dime. Here are some ways that you can prepare.

Lots Of Layers

Mother Nature has its agenda. Be prepared by bringing layers of clothing wherever you go.

Umbrella or Raincoat

Speaking of weather, rain and snow present themselves around Creede, Colorado. Be sure to have an umbrella or raincoat to keep the elements off you.


There is a lot to see around Mountain Views RV Park. Bring some binoculars to check out the scenery.


Not only does the cold weather come about in Creede, Colorado, but so does the heat. Being at a higher elevation means sunscreen is a must.


With you being out and about in Creede, you need to stay hydrated wherever you go. Bring along a water bottle that is at least 20 ounces.


There will come a time when you come across something magnificent. This event will be the perfect time to get a quick picture.


Since you are not from Creede, you will need a map to help navigate you. With so many sights nearby, maximize your time with a map on your phone or in paper form.

Hiking Shoes

With the sightseeing you will be doing, you need to have the right shoes. Nothing is worse than having the wrong shoes and paying for it later in the form of blisters.


Pack a little snack when you are out and about. This way, you will stay nourished to keep on exploring Creede, Colorado.

Mosquito Repellent

Since you are so high up in the mountains, you can bet mosquitoes will be in play. Get some repellent to keep them off you.

View of Waterfall in Creede Colorado

Mountain Views RV Park Site Details

Mountain View RV Park has a ton of extras for you to enjoy in Colorado. With fire pits, hot tubs, and laundry facilities, you will fit right in. Other amenities include a pet wash for your dog or cat and a fitness center to stay physically active. It is a facility like this one that is unparalleled when it comes to other things you can do around the Rocky Mountains.

Food Nearby 7th Ranch RV Park

Near Mountain Views RV Park are some restaurants that will fill you up. The Miners Restaurant cooks American food, with a chicken sandwich being one of their best dishes. Arp's is another place to get your food. If you are a fan of crab cakes, this is the place for you. The Pizzeria 8852 whips up some phenomenal goat cheese, marinara breadsticks.

Airports near Malibu Beach RV Park

The Stevens Field - PSO in Pagosa Springs is the closest airport to Creede, at about a one and a half-hour drive. The Telluride Regional Airport is about a four-hour drive to get to, or you can head over to the Denver International Airport, which is about a five-hour drive. There is even a runway strip in Creede itself.

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