Clackamette RV Park Visitors Guide

Where is Clackamette RV Park?

GPS: 3703, -122.6032

Clackamette RV Park

1955 Clackamette Drive

Oregon City, OR 97045

Clackamette RV Park is located approximately 20 minutes south of Portland, Oregon, in the northwestern region of the United States. The park was constructed on the banks of the Willamette River (located to the west) and the Clackamas River (bordering on the east). This park is in a relatively urban area, with several nearby shopping malls and national chains like Starbucks.

The major Interstate 205 and State Highway 99E intersect just south of the park’s premises. Located close to the Washington-Oregon border, the park is just under a half hour south of Vancouver, Washington. Gladstone, a small town in Oregon, is just two miles northeast of Clackamette RV Park, along with several other Portland suburbs.

Traveling on the road to Big is Clackamette RV Park?

How Big is Clackamette RV Park?

Clackamette RV park has a total of 36 sites, with 11 of those being riverside and the remaining sites considered “interior.” These sites can accommodate RVs that are up to 40 feet long. The park’s site itself is not very big, but it borders the Clackamette Park which offers a large amount of greenspace and lovely river views.

This connected park area makes it a convenient space for visitors with children or animals, as you can take advantage of the open area, especially on warmer days. Clackamette RV Park itself covers approximately two acres of land.

Weather can change fast at Clackamette RV Park

Clackamette RV Park Weather

The Oregon City weather is generally fairly mild, with temperatures avoiding extremes throughout the year. Summer months, of course, are the warmest, with barely reach 82 typically in the hottest months (July and August). Summer evenings can dip into cooler temperatures (55 degrees), so you’ll want to dress in layers if going out in the evenings.

Winter temperatures are usually above freezing, with highs averaging 46 in December and lows reaching 35 degrees, or just above the freezing point. Annually, the area gets almost 43 inches of rain, which is five inches above the national average.

When Did Clackamette Become an RV Park?

No information is available providing details of the park’s history. Information is provided, however, for visitors interested in becoming campground hosts. The length of stay for these visitors ranges from a minimum of three months to an entire year, depending on the circumstances.

Playing Frisbee with your friends at Clackamette RV Park

Things to Do in Clackamette RV Park


Some of the nearby trails, like Clackamette Cove Trail and the River Access Trail, have picnic tables that provide space for a scenic lunch against the backdrop of the beautiful river and surrounding trees.


There are several boating areas near the park, including the Clackamette Boat Ramp and the Sportcraft Boat Ramp. Nearby Jon Storm Park also has a dock that’s available for public use.

Spray park with the kids at Clackamette RV Park


Two refreshing sprayparks are located nearby. Sprayparks are a great way for the whole family to cool off in the warm summer months. Both the Library Spraypark and Rivercrest Spraypark are in close proximity.


A skatepark is just south of Clackamette RV Park, providing the perfect opportunity for you or your young ones to get some fresh air while also getting some exercise. Be sure to bring your protective equipment like helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads.

Children wooden playground at the Clackamette RV Park


For families with younger children that need to run off some energy, the Clackamette Park that borders the RV park offers ample space for bike riding, playing catch, or simply soaking up some sun rays.

Horseshoe Pits

Challenge your friends to a game of horseshoe during your stay. Horseshoe pits are located just north of the RV camping spots, making them a convenient place to spend an hour or two in the morning or afternoon.


Why not take advantage of the close quarters of the RV park and introduce yourself to some of your neighbors? It’s amazing how even far from home, you often meet people with mutual acquaintances or similar backgrounds.


Barbecues are one of the best parts of any vacation. Take advantage of the grills on-site and plan a tasty meal of fresh seafood, rich hamburgers, or nutritional veggie burgers for your family and friends.

White husky dog on a walk at Clackamette RV Park

Walk Your Dog

If you’ve travelled a long distance to the park, chances are, your dog is ready for some exercise. Enjoy one of the many nearby walking trails while taking your furry family member out for some sunshine and exercise.


The family-owned Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor Store provides plenty of gear for fisherman of every level. Located about half a mile from the park, you can even walk to it from your site.

Sitting with the family at the rv park

When to Go to Clackamette RV Park

Spring and summer are typically the best seasons to visit this park, due to the warmer temperatures and abundance of river activities available to visitors. Although winter temperatures don’t get excessively cold, they do make for less-than-pleasant boating and fishing opportunities.

Summer is also an ideal time to visit due to the number of activities going on in Portland during the season. Only a short drive away, the city provides plenty of music festivals and other outdoor events during the summer months, like the annual Waterfront Blues Festival held on 4th of July weekend. The Cathedral Park Jazz Fest is known as the oldest and largest free jazz festival in the western part of the United States.

Back pack needs and wants can all fit at Clackamette RV Park

Must-Have Things to Bring to Clackamette RV Park


A pair of flipflops are a good idea for anyone planning to enjoy the river views. Flipflops are always a convenient option for footwear that’s easy to slip on and off as you wade in the river and cool off.


Quiet hours end early at the park (7:00 AM), so unless you’re an early riser, you may want to plan on bringing a pair of earplugs to help limit loud noises. Likewise, the quiet hours start at 10:00 PM, so if you hit the hay earlier, these items will also prove useful for a good night’s sleep.

Alcohol-Free Beverages

No alcohol is permitted in the park, so be sure to bring plenty of alcohol-free drinks for any get-togethers you have during your stay. Consider using the opportunity to make fresh lemonade, tea, or your favorite coffee.

The family dog on a camping trip at Clackamette RV Park


The site is pet friendly, so don’t be worried about bringing your dog along. Dogs are required to be kept on leashes at all times and bring plenty of bags to clean up any animal waste as required.

Fishing Gear

Willamette River is full of fish like Coho salmon, trout, and both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Official City of Portland guidance advises only eating migratory fish like salmon, steelhead, and shad due to higher concentrations of PCBs in some of the other fish species.

making stew while camping at Clackamette RV Park


Don’t forget to bring a big appetite with you on your trip. The convenient location of Clackamette RV Park means you are going to be in walking distance of several delicious restaurants, including Thai, Mexican, and Vietnamese options. Many of these restaurants offer waterfront property for scenic dining views.


If you own a boat, be sure to bring it for this trip. The connected Willamette River and Clackamas River offer ideal conditions for passing an afternoon or two on cool water while enjoying the landscape.


Just across the Clackamas River is the Dahl Beach City Park. This area offers a sandy beach section which is perfect for both fishing and swimming. Bring a towel and take advantage of any warmer temperatures by going for a dip in the river.

Black hiking shoes at Clackamette RV Park

Hiking Shoes

Bring a pair of comfortable shoes and go for a hike, starting at the Maddax Woods Trailhead just west of Clackamette RV Park, and ending at the Edgewater Court Trailhead. Just over one mile long, this trail is a good option for even young folks.


Goat Island, located in the Willamette River, is home to 30 heron nests. You won’t want to be caught without a quality camera if you’re lucky enough to catch sight of these beautiful birds.

staying at the local Marriott near Clackamette RV Park

Where to Stay in Clackamette RV Park

According to their website, the park limits stay to 10 consecutive nights. Spots are given out first-come, first-serve, so you’ll want to make sure to arrive early to ensure you find a space. If you need to stay a few nights at another location, you’ll likely have no problem finding a room in one of Portland’s many hotels. Expect typical national chains like Econo Lodge, Marriott, and Embassy Suites.

Food Nearby Clackamette RV Park

Food is in no short supply around Clackamette RV Park. Situated near several retail stores and malls, you’ll have no problem finding your pick of restaurant options and grocery stores. The area is known for it is “food cart culture,” ranging from Vietnamese breakfast sandwiches to barbecue options. Hillsdale Food Cart Park is less than 20 miles away, providing an abundance of options in close proximity to one another.

Airports near the Clackamette RV Park

Airports Near Clackamette RV Park

Portland International Airport is very close to the park, making it a convenient location for out-of-state and international travelers. Around a 20-minute drive from the park, visitors can easily reach the airport in hardly any time at all.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport is another major airport that isn’t too far, less than a three-hour drive north of the park. These two major airports will likely give you the best fares compared to smaller, regional airports.

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