View on Sunny Day of Alto Lake in Alto New Mexico

Where is Bonito Hollow RV Park

Bonito Hollow RV Park & Campground

221 Hwy 37 MM1

Alto, NM 88312 

Bonito Hollow RV Park is located in Alto, New Mexico.  The park sits at an elevation of 7,550 feet in the Lincoln National Forest, just five miles north of the village of Ruidoso. It is a privately-owned campground located on 12 acres along the Rio Bonito. The Rio Bonito is a small river in the Sierra Blanca mountains, which begins in the southern part of New Mexico. It is ideally located away from the city and nestled among the pine trees with a nice nature buffer between any roadways. The nearest major city, Alamogordo, New Mexico, is about 54 miles away and Cloudcroft, New Mexico is about 67 miles away. If you are looking for a major road trip, the RV park is about 802 miles from San Diego, California. 

How Big is Bonito Hollow RV Park?

Bonito Hollow RV Park is a total of 12 privately owned acres.  Right now, they are operating at 50% capacity due to the current COVID-19 protocols, which will impact some of the facilities throughout the campground and RV Park.  The park sits in the beauty of Lincoln National Park. It is laid out in an oval shape with 360-degree views of the mountains.  There is a road circling the site for easy access throughout the park, which is surrounded by trails, streams, and sightings of a variety of wildlife. 

Bonito Hollow RV Park Weather

Bonito Hollow RV Park is an all-season destination. Each season has something unique to offer its visitors with a long list of fun things to do. During the summer months, the temperature is cool but the sun shining makes the outdoors a desirable place to be. The snow season begins in November and lasts until April. During this time, the conditions for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are ideal. The average temperature in April is in the mid-60’s, with the previous months being a bit cooler and the months following, it begins to warm up.

Chili Peppers Drying in The Sun on Porch in Alto New Mexico

When was Bonito Hollow RV Park established?

No history on the park to be found online.

Things to do at Bonito Hollow RV Park

Billy The Kid National Scenic Byway

This became a National Scenic Byway designation from the Federal Highway Commission in June of 1998. A historical tribute to the infamous “Wild West” outlaw and other old western icons, including Smokey the Bear. The Byway cruises through Lincoln and one of the best-preserved Old west towns in the country.

Smokey the Bear

The famous campaign came about after rescuing a cub from a fire in the Lincoln National Forest. The bear became the symbol of the very important cause of wildfire safety. Smokey Bear is the longest lasting campaign in US history, and you can find statues throughout the towns and National Parks. Stop and take a photo with Smokey Bear. “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”—is as relevant today as it was 75 years ago. 

Trestle Recreation Area

Not only is this area known for its beauty, but it carries a vast history behind all its structures. Put the Tularosa Basin overlook, Trestle overlook, and old Cloudcroft highway on the list of sites to see. The area also offers trails welcoming to all abilities.

Bonito Lake

Bonito Lake is an alpine reservoir located high in the Sierra Blanca mountains northwest of Ruidoso, New Mexico. It is a great place to fish, hike, and have a relaxing picnic. Due to its location of high altitude, the lake is cold year-round. 

Monjeau Lookout

A popular scenic spot in the Lincoln National Forest. The lookout was completed in 1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corps to serve as a fire lookout tower within Lincoln National Forest. This spot is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The best time to visit is during the summer months. 

Grindstone Lakes

A great place to spend the day and explore. Bring your fishing poles, hiking boots, and bikes for the multi-use trails. You will find two refreshing alpine reservoirs filled with rainbow trout.

Perk Ridge Lake

One of the many great trails around Bonito Hollow RV park. The trail is a 4.8 mile lightly trafficked loop that will take you along streams and open grass areas with wildflowers. The view at the top is worth the hike. 

Ruidoso Convention Center

Just 5 miles from the RV site, the town of Ruidoso provides a variety of different entertainment and events. Depending on the time of year, you can come across the Ruidioso art festivals, alto artist studio tour, art loop, golden aspen motorcycle rally, and mountain living home and garden show.

Cedar Creek

The Cedar Creek Recreation Area sits at 6,540 feet with over 30 miles of multi-use trails. This area has something fun for every skill level.  After exploring, there is a great picnic area to soak in the views.

Red Barn on Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation Alto New Mexico

When to go to Bonito Hollow RV Park

Bonito Hollow is an all-season destination. With that, the time you visit will depend on the type of weather and activities you desire to partake in.  The busiest month for tourism at the RV park is June, followed by May and January. The rates will vary depending on the season, so check the website for those details. Those who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and tubing will enjoy visiting in the winter. Although, driving an RV in snowy weather requires much more preparation, so be sure to come prepared.  Always make note of the weather before your trip and plan accordingly.

Must Have Things to Bring to Sugar Ridge RV Park

Although Bonito Hollow RV Park has several fantastic facilities, it is best to come to any RV park fully prepared in all aspects. Being self-sufficient will add a sense of security and comfort to your trip. Be sure to check the website for all of Bonito Hollows current COVID-19 protocols.


Have plenty of water. Bring a couple extra jugs than you normally would just to be safe. More is always better. 


Preparing for travel calls for proper food and snack packing. Trail mixes, bars, and other easy packing snacks are great options.

Kitchen Utensils

Bring everything you will use daily to cook at home if you decide not to use the food options within walking distance of the RV site. (Ex. Cups, mugs, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, paper towels, wipes, knives. ect.)

Maps in Physical and on Phone

Being sure you know how to navigate throughout the surrounding areas. Another precaution to ensure your safety and enjoyment. 

Tool Kit

Things happen and it is best to be prepared with all the tool necessities. Bring Allen or hex wrenches. Bring duct tape. Bring scissors. Bring rubber bands and zip ties. Bring plenty of towels you can use as noise buffers. Prepare and anticipate. 

Proper Attire

Pack for the time of year you will be visiting but come prepared with waterproof gear too. Sunglasses, sunscreen and proper clothing for cooler night temperatures. A backpack meant for hiking will be a great idea if you plan on spending the full day on your feet.


With all the wildlife and vast landscapes to view, getting a zoom in view can always enhance the experience. 

Portable Lights

Flashlight, Headlamps, Lantern.

Extra Fuel/Oils

Bringing a tank of gas and extra motor oil and transmission fluid will ensure that in case of an emergency, you will be set to get to the next best location. 


Bringing your own toilet paper and everything to make you comfortable using the RV toilet for your trip. This is important.

View of Sunny Lake on Alto Lake in Alto New Mexico

Bonito Hollow RV Park

Site Details:

There are large, flat, full hook-up spots all through the middle and small cabins, tent sites, and unique hook-up sites around the edge against the tree line of the park. There is an option to choose a site up against the mountain, back up to the creek, or a spacious pull through that overlooks the park. Although the parking is not paved, it is level for comfortably parking your rig. You will find turkeys and deer roaming the park, along with other amazing wildlife sightings. The facilities are clean and continued to be renovated with the site being equipped to provide Wi-Fi and cable. There are plenty of fun activities to do on site including a volleyball area, horseshoe pit and fishing in the stream.

Food Nearby Bonito Hollow RV Park

Great food on a road trip is a must. There are several well-known restaurants that are in close distance from the RV park. The town of Ruidoso is about twenty minutes from Bonito Hollow RV Park. The go-to is Cafe Rio, if you are into a great pizza and a salad. Hall of Flame Burgers is also a local favorite.  You can also find a grocery store, cafes, and bakery in the town of Ruidoso. 

Airports near Bonito Hollow RV Park

Sierra Blanca Regional Airport is the closest airport to the RV park, located about 7 miles (11 km) west of Alto.

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