Park Address

32264 Pikes Peak Road, McGregor, IA (Iowa) 52157 USA

Park Hours

Hours may vary but typically are 4am to 10:30pm

Are Dog's Allowed

YES! Dogs are allowed on all trails and campgrounds. The walking trails have well-maintained wooden boardwalks with stairs so it is perfect for bringing the dog!


The park experiences all four seasons. Summers can get hot and humid while winters can get below freezing. Activities are available year-round but summer is peak season.

Hiking Trails

Bridal Veil, Weeping Rock, Hickory Ridge Loop, Hickory, East Hickory Ridge, West Hickory Ridge Trail, Point Ann, Myotis, Deer Ridge, Chinquapin, Horn Hollow Loop, McGregor Trailhead

Observation Points

Crow's Nest, Hickory Ridge, Deer Ridge, Point Ann, 


Pikes Peak Campground, Pikes Peak Youth Group Campground, Pikes Peak Picnic Shelter


Red-Shouldered Hawks, Broad-Winged Hawks, Black-billed Cuckoos, Pileated Woodpeckers, Wood Thrushes, Bobolinks, Bell's Vireos, Warblers, 

Pikes Peak State Park Visitors Guide

Read the Visitors Guide for in-depth information about Pikes Peak State Park. This Iowa State Park features a 500-foot bluff overlooking the Upper Mississippi River opposite the confluence of the Wisconsin River.