North Cascades National Park

Park Address: Chelan, Washington 

Latitude and Longitude GPS: 48.7718° N, 121.2985° W

Park Hours: Sundays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Park Fees: No entry fee but overnight stay will cost $16 a day.

Visitor Center Information: Across the Skagit River from the North Cascades Highway (State Route 20) near milepost 120 and the town of Newhalem. Adjacent to Newhalem Creek Campground.

Park Size: 500,000 acres

Weather Summary: The winter season is the best time to visit. 

Hiking Trails and Overlooks: Blue Lake Trail, Cascade Pass, Sourdough Mountain Trail, Cotton Camp Wood Trail, Thunder Creek Trail, Gorge Creek Falls Trail, Thunder Creek Trail, Forbidden Peak Trail, Stetattle Trail, Bridge Creek Trail, Old Wagon Trail, Howard Lake. 

Glaciers in the Park: Kalawatti Glacier, Noisy Creek Glacier, Boston Glacier, Silver Glacier, Lower Curtis Glacier, Neve Glacier, East Nooksack, Challenger Glacier, Colonial Glacier, Sulphide Glacier, Cache Col Glacier, Eldorado Glacier, Hidden Creek Glacier, Inspiration Glacier. 

Mountains in the Park: Mount Shuksan, Desolation Peak, Mount Baker, Hozomeen Mountain, El Dorado Peak,  Sahale Mountain, Mount Fury, Forbidden Peak, Sourdough Mountain, Mount Terror, Mount Logan, Mount Challenger. 

Rivers: Stehekin River, Goodell Creek, Thunder Creek, Chilliwack River, Bacon Creek, 

Lakes: Diablo Lake, Ross Lake, Thorton Lakes, Gorge Lakes, Hidden Lake, Cutthroat Lake, Baker Lake, Doubtful Lake, Dagger Lake, Hozomeen Lake, Tapto Lakes, Blum Lakes, Rainy Lake,Watson Lake, Moraine Lake, Green Lake, Egg Lake, Stout Lake, Berdeen Lake, Trapper Lake. 

Animals Native to Park: black bears, wolverine, river otters, cougars, lynxs, and bobcats. 

Interesting Facts About North Cascades National Park: There are over 300 glaciers in the North Cascades Park Complex, more than any other park in the lower 48 states.