Park Address

1347 129th Street, Dundee, IA 52038


Located in Iowa, you will experience the four seasons mother nature has to offer. The summers can be very hot and the winters very cold, and precipitation is always possible.

Park Hours

4:00am - 10:30pm - Park Hours are subject to change

Hiking Trails

Six Pines, West Lake, East Lake, Ryan Property, Backbone, Backbone Forest

Lakes, Rivers, Creeks

Backbone Lake, Maquake ta River, Maquo keta River, Fen chel Creek

Things to Do

Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Kayaking, Birdwatching, Swimming, Fishing, Picnic, Mountain Biking, Boat Rental

Visitors Guide for Backbone State Park

Read all about the visitors guide for in-depth information about the State Park. Learn about the park history as well as weather, hiking trails, nearby hotels, things to do, popular park sites and so much more!