Park Address: 111 National Park Dr, Appomattox, VA 24522

Latitude and Longitude GPS: 37.3775° N, 78.7960° W

Park Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Park Fees: There is no fee to the park. 

Visitor Center Information: All visitor information can be found inside the court house. 

Park Size: 30 Acres

Weather Summary: Average temperature in the summer: 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. Average temperature in the winter: 45 Degrees Fahrenheit.  

Hiking Trails and Overlooks: Stage Road Trail, Grants Approach Trail, Southside Connector Trail, Tobacco Prizery Trail, Lee's Headquarters Trail, Sweeney Trail, Ferguson Wildlife Trail, Conner- Sweeney Trail.   

Interesting Facts About Appomattox Court House National Historical Park: 

Appomattox is most famous for the events of April 1865, when Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant to effectively end the American Civil War.