Red Coconut RV Park Visitors Guide

Enjoy a relaxing evening on the beach, looking at the beautiful blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Make new friends with fellow travelers and join in on a community potluck dinner at the park. Spend your afternoon soaking in the warm, Florida sun rays and cooling off by going for an invigorating swim.

Where is Red Coconut RV Park?

Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

  • 3001 Estero Blvd.,
  • GPS: 26.4454, -81.93588

  • 26°26'43.44"N, 81°56'9.17"WW

Red Coconut RV Park beachfront

Red Coconut RV Park is in the southeastern United States. Located in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, this RV park is convenient for travelers who are visiting the southern part of the peninsula. The RV park is in close proximity to several cities, including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Estero. It is just under two and half hours northwest of Miami and two hours and fifteen minutes south of Tampa, the closest major city to Fort Myers Beach.

The park itself is on Estero Island, which is a long, thin island that lies parallel to the Florida coastline. The island is accessible via a bridge on Hwy 865.

How Big is Red Coconut RV Park?

This RV park is an average size as far as RV parks go. The park has 450 feet of beachfront property with over 60 sites available for RVs and campers. The site is close to major shopping areas such as the Gulf View shops which border part of the park. The park is large enough to accommodate facilities like laundry, restrooms, and showers, while also providing space for a dump station, as is necessary for many RVs.

The park’s area extends north to the border of the Matanzas Pass Preserve, a mangrove forest offering beautiful views of nature.

Campground site for Red Coconut RV Park

Red Coconut RV Park Weather

Like most of Florida, the weather in the park’s surrounding area tends to be hot, humid, and tropical. Even in the winter months, average high temperatures tend to be 75 (January) and 77 (February). Average low temperatures in winter hover around lows of 54 (January) and 56 (February).

Summer brings traditionally hot weather, with the warmest months typically July and August, during which normal temperatures average out to be around 92 degrees. Evenings are balmy and warm, maintaining mean temperatures of 75 throughout the summer months.

The average rainfall for the area is usually around 54 inches, which is just under five feet of rainwater. Snowfall is virtually impossible in the region, although a news report from 1899 mentioned an ultra-rare snow fall in Fort Myers at the time.

Beachfront view of Coconut RV Park

When Did Red Coconut Become an RV Park?

According to the Island Sand Paper, Estero Island’s newspaper, a Dr. Virgil Voorhis opened the park back in the 1920s. At that time, the park was the first of its kind on the island, and today, it still holds that status. When the park first started, its location was on “Eucalyptus Avenue,” an unpaved street that was later renamed “Estero Boulevard.”

Things to Do in Red Coconut RV Park

Laundry Facilities

While doing laundry may not be on the top of most people’s “to-do” lists on vacation, it is a necessity when traveling across the country. The site has laundry rooms near the rental areas, meaning you can pop in a load of clothes and head to the beach while they’re washing.

Red Coconut RV Park Laundry Facilities

Mobile Home Rentals

Besides RV camping spots, visitors to the park also have the option to rent mobile home units. These units are equipped with all the basics like air conditioning, private bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and even a living room. Visitors should note that depending on the time of year of your visit, you will be required to book a minimum number of nights to stay. 


The park has shuffleboard courts at the location, meaning you and your friends can engage in a game during your downtime. Red Coconut RV Park even has an official competitive team. Lessons are available for interested visitors, as well.

Sunbathing and Swimming

The beach is just a short walk from the RV park, and many of the sites have beachfront access. Bring a swimsuit and sunbathe in the afternoon, then go for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico to cool off.


The clubhouse at the location has a range of activities to choose from. A monthly themed dance party is hosted throughout the year, while games like bingo and card games are common. The owners also host weekly potluck dinners, so visitors can get a chance to know them and their temporary neighbors at the park.


It is common for visitors interested in fishing to book with a captain on a party boat. These boats can go up to 50 miles offshore, where lucky fishers can catch fish like amberjack during the winter season and tarpon in the early spring.

Fishing off the coast of Red Coconut RV Park

July 4th

Fort Myers Beach is the site of a spectacular Independence Day fireworks display. The fireworks are shot over the beach, so you can get views unlike most places on land. There’s also a parade which precedes the fireworks earlier in the day.

Shrimp Festival

Visitors who love a good plate of seafood can plan their stay around the Fort Myers Beach Lions Club Shrimp Festival. This event takes place in mid-March and centers around a parade, shrimp boil, and a shrimp dinner.


If you’re looking to pick up a few new outfits or just need to stock up on some supplies, you’ll be happy to know that the park is located in a convenient area that is very accessible to your basic shopping needs. An art gallery, gym, and library are all within walking distance as well.

Shopping at Red Coconut RV Park

Sandcastle Competition

Sand sculptors from all over the world come to the island in November each year to participate in the Annual Sandcastle Competition. Visitors can also participate in trying to make their own sandcastles in the beautiful white beach sand.

When to Go to Red Coconut RV Park

Temperature-wise, there is no bad time to visit the park. Florida is renowned for its comfortable temperatures year-round. Summers are typically hot, and as temperatures can get into the high 90s, visitors who get uncomfortable in high temperatures may want to plan their trip earlier in the year, outside the summer timeframe.

Hurricanes are a common occurrence in the area, and it is wise to always be prepared in case one affects your travel plans. Official hurricane season begins June 1 and lasts until November 30, and this wide window of the year has seen hurricanes of varying strength throughout the decades. Your travel dates may be affected by impending hurricanes, so be sure to check the weather frequently before traveling in case you need to reschedule your trip.

Must-Have Things to Bring to Red Coconut RV Park


The Florida sun is notorious for burning the unsuspecting visitor. Make sure to bring sunscreen no matter what your skin tone is, as burns can happen to anyone and pose a threat for serious skin damage.

Sunscreen Beach in Florida


It’s easy to forget packing a swimsuit, but there’s a good chance you would regret not visiting the beach during your stay. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are renowned for their lovely blue-green color, and the sands on the beachfront are white and rock-free.


Internet at the park can be an issue. Bringing a physical copy of a map of the area can help you be prepared in case you lose cell reception and don’t have access to the internet. Laminated maps are a good choice due to the humid conditions.

Red Coconut RV Park Map


You’ll want to bring a good quality camera on your visit, as you will catch colorful sunsets on the horizon. You can also spot wildlife like manatees, dolphins, sharks, and even the occasional bald eagle.

Beach Umbrella

A good portion of your stay will likely be outdoors. Bringing a large beach umbrella for the long hours you spend on the coastline can help reduce the risk of sunburn. Umbrellas offer shade for catching up on your beach reads, as well.

Reusable Water Bottle

Don’t forget your reusable water bottle when packing. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the intense summer heat. Always keep a water bottle in your purse or a backpack so you don’t risk getting sick on vacation.

Camping Hiking Water Bottle

Serving Dishes

The RV sites are close to one another, and there’s a good chance you’ll quickly get to know your neighbors. Make sure you bring serving dishes so you can participate in one of the weekly potlucks. You will likely meet fellow travelers from all over the country.


Protect your eyes from damage by carrying a pair of sunglasses with you, especially when you are on a boat or in the water. Water reflects sunlight back towards you, meaning you can get double exposure to the sun when at the beach or in the ocean.

Board Games

You’ll have the chance to make several new friends during your trip. It’s a great idea to have a stack of board games on hand to pass a fun evening with guests visiting your campsite.

Fishing Pole

Don’t pass up the opportunity to catch your own dinner one night. Bring your fishing pole and get some tips from the locals for catching fish. Grouper is caught year-round, so be prepared with some recipes for a fresh seafood dinner.


Red Coconut RV Park 

Where to Stay in Red Coconut RV Park

The RV sites available at the park are a great option for campers wanting to stay right on the beach. All of the sites offered provide access to the internet as well as water and sewer hookups and electricity. The RV sites also each come with a concrete area for beach chairs and popup tables. Rates differ based on season, so visitors will want to check into current rates for their stay.

Food Nearby Red Coconut RV Park

There is no shortage of food nearby. You can plan on having access to pizza parlors, countless seafood restaurants, cafes, Irish pubs, and nearly any other type of food you can think of. The sites all have kitchen access, or if you prefer to stay in your RV, you can visit a nearby grocery store like the Publix Supermarket (just over one mile away) to stock up on dinner supplies.

Red Coconut RV Park Food in area

Airports Near Red Coconut RV Park

The closest airport is Southwest Florida International Airport, which is approximately 30 minutes east in Fort Myers. This airport is regional, so if you want to save money, the major airports in Tampa and Miami will be the way to go.  Tampa International Airport is about 2.5 hours north of the park, while Miami International Airport is about 15 minutes closer (2.25 hours west).

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