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Where is Rancho Sedona RV Park

135 Bear Wallow Lane Sedona, Arizona 86336

The Rancho Sedona RV Park is in the heart of Sedona, Arizona. Located in the south portion of the Coconino National Forest, Sedona is in central Arizona. You will see magnificent Cottonwood and Sycamore trees when you station yourself next to Oak Creek at the Rancho Sedona RV Park. This RV Park is under two hours from Phoenix, in case you want to get away in the winter months.

How Big is Rancho Sedona RV Park

The Rancho Sedona RV Park has 84 sites that include gravel with a side concrete pad. The plots range from 120 to 250 square feet. Even if you own a 42-foot RV, you can fit this Class A vehicle at this RV Park. The elevation of the park sits at 4,199 feet, which allows you to beat the heat in the summer, but not get snowed out in the winter. This experience is not a challenging way to live your life at the Rancho Sedona RV Park at any time of the year.

Cathedral Rock Sunset Sedona Arizona

Rancho Sedona RV Park Weather

At the Rancho Sedona RV Park, you can expect mild weather in the spring, fall, and winter months, and dry summers. For example, in January, the average high is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lows get down to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the summers in July are quite hot. The average is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lows are close to 68 degrees.

There are a ton of animals that you will see in Sedona, Arizona. Expect to see whitetail deer, coyotes, black bears, and spectacular javelina. Also, you will get to take in a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. With grey foxes, bobcats, and striped skunks, there is plenty to see around the Rancho Sedona RV Park. These encounters will be ones you will remember for the rest of your life.

When did Rancho Sedona RV Park open

The Rancho Sedona RV Park opened in 1997. The RV Park was converted from a mobilodge facility to an RV Park with complete hook-ups. As a year-round RV Park, individuals can take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful world while biking, fishing, hiking, swimming, and much more. Or individuals can stay nearby to play some volleyball, use the Free-WiFi, along with other amenities.

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Things to do at Rancho Sedona RV Park

Below, you can read through some things to do while at Rancho Sedona RV Park. You will get to take in everything you need to know to have the best experience in this part of the world.

Broken Arrow Trail

The 2.9-mile trail is full of pretty wildflowers. As a moderate rated trail, mountain biking and hiking are typical for most people. You can even bring a dog if kept on a leash.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Another venue is this Roman Catholic chapel built right into the buttes. In 1957, this chapel opened for you to take in the sights and sounds of Sedona.

Bell Rock

The geological formations of Bell Rocks are breathtaking. This trail is a simple option to see the surrounding areas of Sedona.

Cathedral Rock - With towering formations of red rock, this trail will take three hours round trip. There is even the Templeton trail nearby at the base of Cathedral Rock.

Devil's Bridge Trail

This trail will lead you on a 4.2-mile hike to the top sandstone arch in all of Arizona. Located in the Coconino National Forest, you will see quality red rock views all around you.

Red Rock Scenic Byway

By taking this byway, you will dive into Red Rock Country. These are the best views you will see nearby Sedona.

Slide Rock State Park

This 43-acre state park is an apple farm. Try out apple concoctions to your heart's content.

Airport Mesa

This mesa is the perfect venue to take an ATV on. With a plethora of dirt trails, you will take in the spectacular canyon walls and breathtaking red rocks.

Red Rock State Park

This nature reserve is almost 300 acres. As an educational center, you can learn more than you ever thought possible about the environment.

Wine Tour to the Verde Valley Vineyards - From public to private tours, you can take in all the Verge Valley Vineyards have to offer. By matching you with your wine preferences, it will be a match made in heaven.

The Chapel of The Holy Cross Sedona Arizona

When to go to Rancho Sedona RV Park

Of course, the choice is yours when you want to head over to Rancho Sedona RV Park, but you can certainly go at all times of the year. But, if you are looking to beat the heat, our RV Park Visitors Guide suggest to stay away during June, July, and August. The spring and fall temperatures are best for being outdoors unless you have places to cool off by taking a swim in the summer months.

For example, if you are looking to hit up the Verde Valley Vineyards, then you should travel there during the summer and fall months when the vineyards are at their best. On the other hand, if you want to take in the Red Rock Scenic Byway, then take a drive any time other than the winter months. Months like December and January might get a little tricky weather-wise, which will be a challenge to take in all the area has to offer.

Must-Have things to bring to Rancho Sedona RV Park

When traveling to the Rancho Sedona RV Park and surrounding areas, List of Parks advises you bring the items below. These items will assure you of a successful trip. Being safe rather than sorry is essential here.


No matter the season, you will be traveling in a desert. This example means you need water to stay hydrated to steer clear of heat exhaustion.


With some hikes going a few hours, bring a snack is imperative for your journey. For longer hikes, pack a lunch. Staying nourished will keep you motivated and pushing on to see all you can around Sedona.

Bear Spray

You never know what you might run into around Sedona. With black bears in the area, bear spray can be your best friend. Getting into a ball and protecting your head is another way to play dead around these creatures.


In the dry heat of any Sedona season, you need sunscreen. The elevation is over 4,000 feet in most areas, where the rays of the sun can penetrate your skin.


With plenty of stellar viewpoints, you need a camera to document your journey. Make sure you have a camera with a ton of storage space.

Sunrise With Milky Way in Sky Silhouette of Mountains Sedona Arizona

Maps on your phone and in the Physical

Having a phone map and an actual map (like a paper one) is always a safe idea, no matter if you are familiar with an area or not. Having this could certainly get you out of sticky situations.

Hiking Boots

Sedona is all about hiking. So, get boots that are comfortable but are long-lasting as you hike in and around your favorite park sites.

Bug Spray

When out in nature, you can expect the bugs to be prevalent. Bring some bug spray around on the journey as you get further up in elevation.

Extra gas for back-country driving

If you are taking your vehicle on the backroads, make sure you have more gas. Getting caught in the middle of any season would be a negative experience.

Extra vehicle tire

Another just in case item is a spare tire. You do not want to get a vehicle that cannot move because of a faulty tire.

Courthouse Butte After Snow Storm Sedona Arizona

Where to stay at the Rancho Sedona RV Park

Along with the Rancho Sedona RV Park and their 84 lots, there are plenty of other places for you to stay. From the Bureau of Land Management options to Airbnbs and hotels like the Enchantment Resort or Lodge at Sedona, there are choices.

Food Nearby Rancho Sedona RV Park

Near this RV Park, there are plenty of food options for you to indulge yourself. You need to take in Momo's Kitchen if you are a lover of Korean. The Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits is a stellar place if you need a place to unwind. With epic American food, this joint is one of the best in town.

Airports near Rancho Sedona RV Park

The closest airport to the Rancho Sedona RV park is a 40-minute drive to the Flagstaff Pullium Airport. In around two hours, you can make it to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which is the biggest airport in all of Arizona. The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is a great one in Nevada that is only five-and-a-half hours from Sedona, as well.

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