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Where is Malibu Beach RV Park

The Malibu Beach RV Park is in Malibu, California. This RV park is the only one in the city limits of Malibu, California. Malibu, west of Los Angeles, is south of the wonderous Topanga State Park. To the west of Malibu is the splendid Point Mugu State Park. Just south of Malibu, on a clear day, you will be able to see Catalina Island. The address for the Malibu Beach RV Park is:

25801 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

How Big is Malibu Beach RV Park

The Malibu Beach US RV Park has 142 sites for people to stay. If you have a 42-foot RV or smaller, you are more than welcome to stay at the Malibu Beach RV Park. With the elevation at the Malibu Beach RV Park only being 32-feet, being so close to sea level will help you breathe easy at all times of the day. There are even 35 tenting sites, too.

Malibu Beach RV Park Weather

The weather at the Malibu Beach RV Park is some of the best you will find across the United States of America. The coldest months of the year in Malibu are December and February with high averages around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The lows in February only get down to about 51 degrees Fahrenheit making the weather favorable all year round. In January and March, you will experience the most rain, on average, five times during each month.

Malibu never gets too hot either. The hottest month in Malibu is August, where temperatures average around 89 degrees Fahrenheit for the highs. Not a horrible place to spend an entire year or more.

As you stay at the Malibu Beach RV Park, you will run into some wildlife such as coyotes, raccoons, opossums, sea lions, dolphins, whales, and even bobcats once in a while. With a wildlife rescue in Malibu, many of these animals get protected. If you are a birdwatcher, or what they call "birding" in Malibu, then you will love Malibu, too. Some of the magnificent birds include ospreys, snowy egrets, least terns, and blue herons, to name a few.

Sunny Day on Beach With Palm Trees Malibu Beach California

When did Malibu Beach RV Park open

The Malibu Beach RV Park opened in 1991. This RV park is catered to visitors to the Malibu area, more than a month by month residents. The hope for this was to create a positive image for the Malibu Beach RV Park all around the world. Since its opening, the Malibu Beach RV Park has been open 365 days a year.

Things to do at Malibu Beach RV Park

There is a lot to do at the Malibu Beach RV Park. But, there are a lot of things you can do in and around Malibu, as well. Take a look at the list below which our RV Park Visitors Guide has created for you to plan the perfect travel itinerary.

El Matador State Beach - By following the stairs down to this magnificent beach, you will enjoy the beautiful rock formations all around you. The cliffs around this beach are second to none, allowing ultimate relaxation.

Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum

If you are a fan of history, you have to check out the Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum. The home, owned by Merritt Huntley Adamson, was a local rancher. The museum paints a picture of the history of Malibu.

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa has Roman architecture and a vast collection of Roman and Greek pieces. This museum is one of the best collections of Greek and Roman history in the world.

Zuma Beach

With super tides on this beach, be cautious when you take a swim. But you can observe some of the best swells in California.

Point Dume State Beach and Preserve

Do you still want to see come more beach cliffs? Then, you need to head over to the Point Dume State Beach and Preserve. You may even see a whale or two.

Malibu Family Wines

Wanting local wine? Head over to the Malibu Family Wines, where they have tasting rooms and have quite the scenery.

Malibu County Mart

With six-acres in downtown Malibu, you can check out 67 stores ranging from dining to retail. There are even a plethora of architectural styles.

Malibu Bluffs Park

This park has a mix of nature and sidewalk trails. As a great place to bring your pet, this is a safe and well-kept park.

Paradise Cove

This beach is not only beautiful but has food nearby as well. To the tune of 22 restaurants, you only have to travel about 5 miles to get to all of them.

Malibu Pier

The pier has great ocean dining and gift shops to get your necessary things. This pier is great for spending an evening.

Malibu Pier at Malibu Beach California

When to go to Malibu Beach RV Park

Since the weather at the Malibu Beach RV Park is temperate all the time, there is not a negative time to go. However, List of Parks advises in the summer months, you may be up against some humidity, so that may make your experience in Malibu a challenging one. But with minimal rain, you should have a sweet time whenever you at the Malibu Beach RV Park.

Must-Have things to bring to Malibu Beach RV Park

When you do travel to the Malibu Beach RV Park, there are a few things you need to have for sure. Southern California is a spectacular place, but you need to make sure you are ready to roll.

Swimming Suit

One of the most important things you need near Malibu is a swimsuit. You never know when you will come up to a beach you want to swim in. It is a must that you have prepared yourself.


Even though it does not get that hot in Malibu, you still need your sunscreen. This way, you can keep skin cancer at bay.


The sun can start to wear on you wherever you find yourself. That is why you need water to stay rehydrated to press on to all sorts of quality Malibu places.


With all the natural cliffs surrounding you, there will be a picture worthy of a camera. Of course, the better camera you have, the better you can remember all the beautiful scenery in and around Malibu.


Whether you like physical maps or ones on your phone, use them to help navigate you every step. This way, you will not waste needless time when you should be exploring all the right parts of Malibu.


Make sure to bring some snacks wherever you travel. You may get stuck in some California traffic sometimes. A nice snack will make all the difference.

Cool Clothing

You want to have clothing that will wick away any sweat. The humid conditions can bring you to your knees, so stay prepared in this way.


There may come a time you see some whales or sea lions in the distance. Bring a pair of binoculars along to help make your journey even better.

Hiking Shoes

You may want to wear flip-flops at all times, but you will need some hiking shoes. By having these shoes, you will limit any unwanted blisters when touring around.

Bug Spray

There can be some unwanted bugs in Malibu. To ward them off, get some bug spray to protect you.

Lifeguard Tower on the Beach During the Summer Malibu Beach California

Malibu Beach RV Park Site Details

When you stay at the Malibu Beach RV Park, know that there are a lot of benefits. There are self-service dryers and washers to use when your clothes get dirty. Want a little competition? Then, go to the horseshoe pit. There is Wi-Fi access, as well as cable TV hookups to get more connected to the rest of the world.

Food Nearby Malibu Beach RV Park

Nearby the Malibu Beach RV Park, there are some restaurants you should consider. The Spurrzzo Restaurant & Bar is Italian food with ocean views as well. Do you like Thai? Then, you will like Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine, which is inexpensive.

Airports near Malibu Beach RV Park

The airport that is nearest to the Malibu Beach RV Park is the Los Angeles Airport. At only 17.4 miles away, you will not have much difficulty getting quickly to this airport. Other airports near Malibu include Burbank, 22.5 miles away, and Santa Ana, 53.8 miles away.

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