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Where is American Heritage RV Park

American Heritage RV Park is in the south-eastern part of Virginia in the town of Williamsburg. With less than 15,000 people living in Williamsburg, this town is one of the oldest establishments in the entire United States of America. Established in 1632, Williamsburg is 29 miles from Hampton and a 45-mile drive to Norfolk. The address for American Heritage RV Park:

  • 146 Maxton Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188

How Big is American Heritage RV Park

American Heritage US RV Park has over 70 acres for you to enjoy. With 145 spaces available for use, all have a max length of 60-feet. All sites have either 30- or 50-amp areas, and 70 of the sites are pull-thru ready. With this many sites, American Heritage RV Park is one of the biggest in the United States of America.

American Heritage RV Park Weather

The weather in Williamsburg is quite favorable year-round, making this a viable option for travel in any of the 12 months. The coldest month of the year, on average, in Williamsburg in January. With lows around 29-degrees Fahrenheit and highs around 49-degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to make sure your RV is fit for colder temperatures. Additionally, you can expect January, March, May, July, and August to have the most rain with an average of eight or nine storms a month.

The warmest months are July and August, with the average highs between 87 and 89-degrees Fahrenheit. The lows will only get down to 67 and 68 degrees-Fahrenheit respectably. Ultimately, this makes for some of the best RVing around.

While in Williamsburg, you can bet you will see some ideal wildlife. Around American Heritage RV Park, you will see red foxes, turtles, raccoons, river otters, wild turkeys, blue herons, and more. Williamsburg has an eclectic nature-scene for you to enjoy.

Wooden Bridge Over Pond in Williamsburg Virginia

When did American Heritage RV Park open

In 2017, American Heritage RV Park received licensing from the Better Business Bureau. With ten employees running the RV Park, William Rhoads is the principal owner of the establishment. In the town of Williamsburg, American Heritage RV Park is the highest-rated RV Park, according to Good Sam.

Things to do at American Heritage RV Park

When you do arrive at American Heritage, know that there is a lot to do in and around Williamsburg, Virginia. From nature-oriented travels to history galore, there is something for everyone here. Check out the top-10 things our RV Park Visitors Guide suggests you should do when staying at the American Heritage RV Park.

Colonial Williamsburg

If you are a fan of historical sites, you have to check this out. The area has kept to its 18th Century roots, and you will get an idea of how original America looked.

Historic Jamestown

The first settlement of America was in Jamestown. It is an on-going archaeology site that you can investigate further.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

A theme park is a stellar way to pass the time. Check out this amusement park with rollercoasters and a water park as well.

Jamestown Glasshouse

Another point of interest in Jamestown is the Jamestown Glasshouse. At this exhibit, you will see how colonial Americans made glass, and you can buy it if you like it so much.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum

19th Century art is here. From toys to furniture, the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum has it all.

Williamsburg Winery

Are you a fan of wine? Check out the Williamsburg Winery with over 40 acres of some of the best vineyards in America.

Bruton Parish Episcopal Church

Wanting to see some colonial architecture? Then, there is no better place than the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, built in the heart of Williamsburg.

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

Take a ride on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. This 15-minute ride gives you the premiere views of the area, and it is free to you.

Governor's Place - With 18th-Century furniture and a beautiful garden, you can take in what it would be like to be the governor of Virginia in the early days. But, do not get used to it because it is an expensive lifestyle.

The College of William and Mary

As the oldest college building in the U.S., this attraction is the second-oldest college in all of America. Four U.S. presidents attended this university as well. 

Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corp at Williamsburg Virginia

When to go to American Heritage RV Park

Of course, the best time to visit American Heritage RV Park is up to you and your lifestyle. But, many people say that fall is the best time to go to Williamsburg, VA. The humidity is lower, crowds are less, and traffic is minimal. However, if you do go in the fall, and you want to go to Busch Gardens, it is closed at this point.

Must-Have things to bring to American Heritage RV Park

When planning your trip to the American Heritage RV Park, there are some things you need to bring along. On the east coast, the weather can change with a moment's notice, so be prepared with a variety of items.  List of Parks has created a list for you to be prepared with below. 


Since the area gets a lot of precipitation, bring along a poncho to stay dry. A raincoat or umbrella could work as well.

Emergency Radio

Virginia is known to get some hurricane weather. If you are in Williamsburg around the fall, bring an emergency radio along so you can get ahead of any storm.


When in Williamsburg, there will be some moments when you see something fascinating. Be sure to bring your camera along for the ride.

Mosquito Repellent

Due to the humidity, there will be mosquitoes in Virginia. Bring some repellant to keep them at bay.


When out touring around, be sure to bring along some snacks. You can save money this way, so you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for snacks at museums and amusement parks.


It is a must to stay hydrated in humid weather. Do not get caught without your water bottle.

Winterizing Equipment

Even though American Heritage RV Park is open year-round, the weather can still get below freezing temperatures. Make sure to have winterizing equipment to upkeep your RV.


You can get around to a lot of places in Williamsburg. Bring a map along to get you there quicker than ever before.


There will come a time that you see something in nature that you want to get your eyes on. Do not move closer but pull out your binoculars to see better.


In the hot months in Virginia, it is ideal for sunscreen. Protect yourself from the sun with some SPF 30 and above.

American Heritage RV Park Site Details

At the American Heritage RV Park, there are a lot of amenities to enjoy. For example, you can play mini-golf, take a walk on the nature trails, hit the game room, or do some pedal carts. There is also a fire ring for every one of the 145 available sites.

Food Nearby American Heritage RV Park

Williamsburg, Virginia has a lot of tasty food to eat. A Chef's Kitchen is the first place you should hit if you are a fan of American food. The Le Yaca French Restaurant serves up some yummy beef medallions, while Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant is home to the best pork tenderloin you have ever had.

Airports near American Heritage RV Park

The nearest airport to the American Heritage RV Park is the Williamsburg International Airport. It is only 17 miles from downtown. Both Norfolk International Airport and Richmond International Airport are 45 miles from downtown Williamsburg. A little over a two-hour drive from Williamsburg is the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport outside of Washington D.C.

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