Historic Home Located in Amana Colonies Near Amana RV Park Iowa

Where is Amana RV Park

Amana RV Park is in the heart of Iowa, right in the middle of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. With a total population under 2,000 people, you will get the feel of town life right away. Get far from the big city life and make your way to the heartland to experience spring, summer, and fall months like none other. The address for Amana RV Park is:

  • 3850 C. Street, Amana, Iowa 52203

How Big is Amana RV Park

The Amana US RV Park is known for its massive size. With 450 spaces available throughout the year, there are plenty of options for you to consider. The max length for RVs is about 75-feet, and you can choose from grass sites or gravel sites, whatever you prefer. With whichever place you choose, you will have viewpoints of the Plains that is spectacular from any angle.

Pumpkins Decorated Streets and Wooden Fences of Amana Colonies Near Amana RV Park Iowa

Amana RV Park Weather

From April to October, the Amana RV Park is open for business. Since the winters are so cold, the Amana RV Park sticks generally above freezing temperatures at night. The coldest month on average is April, with highs of 62-degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 39-degrees Fahrenheit. For the warmest of temps, July is the best. With highs averaging around 85-degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 64-degrees Fahrenheit at night, you cannot beat these temperatures in Iowa. The rainest months are usually May and June, with 9-days of precipitation each month. Interestingly enough, summer is wetter as a season than the winter months are.

When it comes to wildlife, there is not a better place to birdwatch. You will see ducks like Coots, Pintails, and Mallards, as well as geese and swans. Blue herons and bald eagles are around Amana, too. If you would rather see wildlife on the ground, then you are in luck around Amana. There are bullfrogs, otters, muskrats, raccoons, beavers, turtles, and carp to enjoy.

When did Amana RV Park open

Amana has been around since it was a town in 1855. Amana RV Park has not been around that long, but they do have a Facebook page since 2010. The RV Park is on over 26,000 to investigate and discover. With its Midwest hospitality, you will love everything about Amana RV Park.

Things to do at Amana RV Park

While staying at Amana RV Park, there is plenty for you to experience. With activities to do all over the Amana Colonies, the present will intersect with the past. Our National RV Park Guide created a list of things for you to do when you stay at the Amana RV Park.

High Amana General Store

Established in 1857, the entire building has not changed. With the original wood floors and ceiling, there is a lot to marvel at here.

Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway

The baseball in Norway is strong. With 20 state championships, you will relive history at this museum.

Millstream Brewing Company

If you are looking to unwind, go to the Millstream Brewing Company. With handcrafted beers started by the owner, Joseph Pickett Sr., enjoy 15 of some of the best beers in all of Iowa.

Amana Colonies Visitor's Center

To get the full experience of Amana, head over to the Amana Colonies Visitor's Center. The center is in an original corn crib, which is quite fascinating.

Schanz Furniture and Refinishing

Looking to purchase or refinish some furniture. Check out the Schanz Furniture and Refinishing store that is a family-owned business open for decades.

The Noble Stone

This active mining water creates some of the most elaborate gifts ever. From rocks to geodes to fossils, there is something for everyone.

Outlets Williamsburg

Getting the itch to do some shopping when in Amana? Spend your time at the outlets with the most famous brands on Earth.

Amana Woolen Mill

Textiles are abundant at the Amana Woolen Mill. As the oldest business in Amana, enjoy this vintage shop from 1857.

Mini-Americana Barn Museum

Built by woodworker Henry Moore, this display has 200 miniature pieces. It took six months to complete this wonder.

Amana Colonies Gravel Bike Route

Wanting to get some serious exercise in? Take a ride out to the Amana Colonies Gravel Bike Route that is a 7-mile total trip.

Historic Red Farm Near Amana RV Park Iowa

When to go to Amana RV Park

With the RV Park being closed in the winter, you have three other seasons to focus your time. The summer months are hot, but they are humid. Maybe shoot for spring and fall trips about to Amana RV Park. If not, summers are bearable, but it is imperative to understand what you are getting in the season you are choosing.

Must-Have Things to Bring to Amana RV Park

When you plan out your time at the Amana RV Park, there are some things you will need. By collecting the items before, you will be proactive in having everything you need for your trip.  List of Parks outlines these items below:


Whether you as the locals or get a GPS, you need directions around Amana. With seven villages, things can get a little confusing.

Emergency Kit

In Iowa, tornadoes happen. Bring along an emergency kit. This way, you will not get caught in the storm.

Breathable Clothing

The humidity around Amana can make one sweat. Add breathable clothing to your list of things to bring.

Layered Clothing

As stated, the weather can change quickly around Amana. Bring along jackets and windbreakers just in case.


With the high humidity rate in Amana, bring along extra water. You never know when you will get thirsty, and it might be sooner rather than later.

Hat and Sunglasses

Whether the weather is hot or cold, pack a hat and sunglasses. Protect your eyes and face from the powerful rays of the sun.


With all the places you will see in Amana, pack some hearty snacks. Anything protein and carb-based are best.


If you are a fan of birdwatching, you must bring along binoculars. You will get a better look at the wonders of the world.

Biking Things

Wanting to use the bike route in Amana? Bring along your bike, helmet, pads, etc., so you can have a blast.


Due to the humidity, you may not think your lips will get chapped, but crazier things have happened. Play it safe here. 

Fireworks Over Amana RV Park Iowa

Amana RV Park Site Details

Amana RV Park has a lot to offer you. With 30- and 50-amp selections, you can have all the power you have ever dreamed of getting. There are shaded and big rig sites to consider, as well. With a fire ring and site tables, you can be outdoors as much as you would like. WiFi does come standard with your rental of a site. Also, expect a rec hall, horseshoes, nature trails, and outdoor games to enjoy.

Food Nearby Amana RV Park

Amana has delicious food you have to try. Begin at The Ronneburg Restaurant, where they have the best pies and sandwiches. Next, the Ox Yoke Inn serves a roast beef to die for, with mashed potatoes. The Chocolate Haus has dark chocolate that will put you in a figurative coma.

Airports Near Amana Edge RV Park

There are quite a few airports near Amana RV Park. The closest is The Eastern Iowa Airport, which is only 15 miles away. Des Moines International Airport is the biggest airport near Amana, but it is about 110 miles away.

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